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Elite Dangerous Takes You On A Star Tour With The “Beluga” Spacebus

Developers Frontier Development showcased a few new features for their new 2.2 Guardians Elite Dangerous content update patch during Gamescon 2016. One of the new features that they demonstrated was their new Beluga Spacebus, that also brings a new set of transportation missions to the game.

The Beluga Spacebus is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a massive spaceship used to transport a large group of people across the galaxy. The new transportation missions tasks you with taking on contracts to transport your clients to specific locations, while also fulfilling certain mission objectives along the way.

Frontier Developments released a series of Gameplay trailers to showcase their new Beluga Spacebus, so take a look at the first trailer that I linked below.

Want to build bridges between the stars? Take a tour across the galaxy? Show the people on board your ship the nearest star? A supernova? Or maybe take them on a tour to see the nearest intergalactic battle taking place? Hop on your nearest Beluga Spacebus now to to take a tour across the galaxy to go where no man has gone before.

From the looks of the trailers, it appears that you will be able to hold about 40 passengers on your ship, and as a result, you can collect multiple transport quests at once until you reach full capacity, plotting out your course to journey across the stars to bring your passengers to their destinations. Frontier Developments released two more trailers to showcase how the new quest system works and how you can transport your large crews to complete multiple missions at once.

The first video just showcases the basics of pick up and delivery, but the second video takes a more scenic route to look at a space combat battle and venture out to see a nearby sun. Take a look at the other two Beluga transport videos below.

The 2.2 Guardians update doesn’t just contain the Beluga Spacebus and passenger contracts, it also contains a lot more content, but we’ll get around to covering all the other details in another article.

If you would like to learn more about the Beluga Spacebus and the new content update that is scheduled for a possible launch for mid-October, make sure to head on over to the Elite Dangerous official website to learn more.

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