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Evenicle: Chapter 1 Walkthrough – The Knight and the Princess

Welcome to the enchanting world of Evenicle! In this visual novel RPG, you’ll embark on a thrilling adventure filled with knights, magic, and romance. Chapter 1, titled “The Knight and the Princess,” is just the beginning of your epic journey. This walkthrough will guide you through the key events and choices in this chapter.


In Chapter 1, you take on the role of Asterisk, a young knight living in a medieval fantasy world. Your life as a knight is about to change forever when you encounter two princesses, Ramius and Riche. Your choices in this chapter will set the course for your adventure.

Part 1: The Encounter

  1. Visit the Castle Courtyard: Start by heading to the castle courtyard. You’ll have a chance to explore the beautiful surroundings and get to know the castle’s inhabitants.
  2. Meet Princess Ramius: During your exploration, you’ll come across Princess Ramius. She’ll be your first encounter with royalty. Engage in conversation with her, and be polite and respectful.
  3. Meet Princess Riche: After your meeting with Ramius, you’ll have a chance to meet Princess Riche. She has a more mischievous personality, so adapt your responses accordingly.
  4. Choosing Your Allegiance: At some point, you’ll be faced with a choice: to serve Princess Ramius or Princess Riche. Your choice here will impact the direction of the story, so choose wisely based on your preferences.

Part 2: Knight Training

  1. Begin Training: Depending on your choice of allegiance, you’ll start your knight training under the princess you selected. Follow their guidance and complete the training exercises.
  2. Building Relationships: Throughout your training, you’ll have opportunities to interact with other characters, including fellow knights and castle staff. Building relationships can unlock side quests and extra story content, so be friendly and attentive.

Part 3: The Tournament

  1. The Grand Tournament: The chapter culminates in a grand tournament where you’ll have to showcase your skills as a knight. You’ll face off against other knights, and your performance here can affect your standing in the castle.
  2. Winning the Tournament: If you aim to win the tournament, focus on your combat skills during training and equip yourself with the best gear available.
  3. Romantic Choices: Depending on your interactions with the princess and other characters, romantic options may become available. These choices can deepen your relationship with a character of your choice.

Part 4: Chapter Conclusion

  1. Chapter Conclusion: As Chapter 1 draws to a close, your choices will lead to different outcomes. You may solidify your loyalty to a princess, establish new friendships, and even kindle a romantic relationship.
  2. Save Your Progress: Before moving on to Chapter 2, make sure to save your progress. Your decisions in this chapter will carry over and influence the story as you continue your journey.


Chapter 1 of Evenicle sets the stage for a grand adventure filled with knights, princesses, and intrigue. Your choices in this chapter will shape the path of your character and determine the relationships you build along the way. So, go forth, brave knight, and make the choices that will define your destiny in this captivating fantasy world!

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