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Evenicle: Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Truth and Lies

Welcome back to the enchanting world of Evenicle! In Chapter 3, titled “Truth and Lies,” the adventures of Asterisk continue as he delves deeper into the mysteries of this fantastical realm. This walkthrough will guide you through the key events and choices in this captivating chapter.


Chapter 3 finds Asterisk on a quest to uncover hidden truths and navigate a world filled with secrets, allies, and adversaries. The line between fact and fiction becomes increasingly blurred, and your decisions will shape the path forward.

Part 1: The Investigation Begins

  1. Accepting the Quest: The chapter begins with Asterisk accepting a new quest related to uncovering truths. Prepare your party and embark on this journey into the unknown.
  2. Exploration: As you explore new areas and engage in conversations with various characters, be on the lookout for clues and information. The path to the truth may be filled with twists and turns.

Part 2: Characters and Choices

  1. Interacting with Party Members: Your companions play a crucial role in Chapter 3. Engage with them to strengthen your bonds, as their abilities and insights can be invaluable during your quest.
  2. Decision Points: This chapter is replete with decision points that can lead to different outcomes. Your choices will influence the alliances you form and the secrets you uncover.

Part 3: Unveiling Deceptions

  1. Confrontations: As you get closer to unraveling the truth, you may face confrontations with characters who harbor hidden agendas. Be prepared for challenging battles and tactical combat.
  2. Revealing Secrets: Secrets and deceptions will be laid bare as the story progresses. Keep a keen eye on the unfolding narrative to grasp the full extent of the revelations.

Part 4: Choices and Consequences

  1. Alliances and Betrayals: The choices you make in this chapter can lead to alliances with unexpected allies or betrayals by those you thought you could trust. Think carefully about your decisions.
  2. Shaping the Story: Your choices will significantly impact the direction of the story. Whether you uncover the complete truth or become entangled in webs of deceit depends on your actions.

Part 5: Chapter Conclusion

  1. Chapter Conclusion: As Chapter 3 draws to a close, the truths you’ve uncovered, the relationships you’ve forged, and the secrets you’ve exposed will determine the course of your adventure.
  2. Save Your Progress: Be sure to save your progress at the end of the chapter. Your choices in Chapter 3 will carry over into future chapters, shaping the destiny of Asterisk and his companions.


Chapter 3 of Evenicle takes you deeper into the heart of the enigmatic world, where truths and lies intermingle in a complex tapestry. The path you choose and the alliances you form will influence the unfolding narrative as you continue your journey. Prepare for more revelations, challenges, and adventures in the chapters that lie ahead!

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