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1429490cookie-checkExile’s End Set To Launch For PS4 And PS4 Vita On October 25th

Exile’s End Set To Launch For PS4 And PS4 Vita On October 25th

Claiming not to be a Metroidvania type game but a classic title that pays homage to Amiga action adventure games, comes the title Exile’s End. The 2D action game is set to come out later this month for PS4 and PS Vita.

You might remember Exile’s End on PC via Steam. Publisher Marvelous and developer Magnetic Realms launched their 2D action adventure game  for Steam back on August 31, 2015. In addition to the game’s Steam launch, the game currently holds a rating of Mostly Positive.

Most of the negative reviews for the game list that Exile’s End has some parts that feel unfinished, and level designs that aren’t anything to write home about. They also note that the game’s music can get a little annoying while playing through the campaign, but I think that depends on your taste of music and how much tolerance you have for a genre.

Although the above issues are currently relegated to the PC version of Exile’s End, publisher XSEED Games announced that they will bring the game over to both PS4 and PS Vita on October 25th, which will sport a price tag of $9.99. I’m not sure how much will change (like the music and so on) when the game is ported over to other platforms, but we’ll see how fans will receive the game when it drops for PS4 and PS Vita later this month.

If you need a better scope of the game the official description sits below, along with a video trailer by XSEEDgames showing what Exile’s End is all about:

Exile’s End is a dark and futuristic 2D sidescroller offering adventure-style puzzles, tightly-controlled platforming, and dangerous extraterrestrials. The game was developed as an homage to early ’90s action-adventure PC games, drawing heavy gameplay inspiration from classics of the genre as well as thematic influence from ’80s sci-fi films and anime. Boasting uniquely stylized cutscenes, multiple endings, and an atmospheric soundtrack by Keiji Yamagishi of Ninja Gaiden and Tecmo Super Bowl fame, Exile’s End will have players investigate a massive, interconnected alien world and experience a story filled with ancient riddles and modern-day hubris.”

XSEED Games also noted that they will later release information regarding a WII U version of Exile’s End, but that is said to come much later. For more information on the game you can head on over to Steam or

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