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Fallout 4 Mods Add 4K Textured Robot Skin, More Interiors And Houses

It seems as if some more mods hit Fallout 4 that’s been creating some buzz among the modding community. The first mod up is a new 2K and 4K variant of the Automatron robot armor set, while the second and third allow players to go in more boarded-up buildings in Fallout 4.

Starting it off with the 4K textured robot armor, which is featured in the Automatron DLC, modder DeviousMeth0ds took the time to carefully redo the armor maps on the robot armor and added even more detail than the vanilla version, as noted below.

“The robot armor really caught my eye so I decided to spend some hours (waiting for survival mode) giving it a full retexture from scratch. I wanted to closely match the original look while trying to give a more uniform look to all the pieces. While doing that I tried to make sure all the pieces still looked detailed and beat up as they should. I also tried to make sure the materials all looked more realistic, so I redid all of the specular maps as well as added much more detailed normal maps to ALL robot armor pieces.”

To get a comprehensive overview of the mod, you can watch the video that Nozi87 posted. If you want the mod now, you can head on over to

As noted by modder Chucksteel, the Beantown Interiors Project is a mod that lets players enter buildings that were once boarded up and stands as the sister mods to both Fallout 4’s D.C. Interiors Project, and Fallout New Vegas’ N.V. Interiors Project.

As the mod’s name suggest, this will open up a lot of the abandoned and non-completed buildings to explore, which also houses many items and secrets to unveil. Like most mods, this one arrives with a video by Hodilton showing all the buildings that’s up for exploration. And if you want, you can get this mod over at

The last mod by 1993TED allows for a “fully customizable player home.” This house can be found at Goodneighbor Home, and also supports decorations that can be placed inside. The place is spacious and offers a lot of room for other decorative objects, which you can see in the screenshots below. If you want, you can get this mod by visiting

fallout 4 mod set 5fallout 4 mod set 4Fallout 4 is currently out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you want any of these mods seen above, you will have to head on over to NexusMods, which is currently restricted to PC players.

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