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1415470cookie-checkFallout 4 Mods Add Moving Submarine House, New Power Armor And HD Fish

Fallout 4 Mods Add Moving Submarine House, New Power Armor And HD Fish

Fallout 4 fans now have three more mods to choose from that provide a little more flavor to the wasteland. The first mod adds a moving submarine that doubles a safe house, which is followed by the second mod that offers a new Spartan Power Armor, and the third mod brings HD fish textures. Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The first mod comes from modder Cybermoses who brings an actual moving submarine that travels across the new Far Harbor map. This brings more than six locations one can visit while in the sub. You will be able to customize and live in the submarine and move it around without loosing anything.

“The Biggest Feature however is the ability to move the submarine. As I am new to scripting, this was a huge leap for me and I struggled over the most simple things for way too long! I finally managed to get the submarine to move around the map including map markers and the fact that there isnt six versions of the same exterior but one that moves.”

You can get this mod by heading over to Nexusmods, or if you want to see the submarine in action you can watch the video that Harry Weston posted below.

The next mod is by Tumbajama, which is noted to be interchangeable with other designated parts. This mod offers a variety of customization to adjust to the ever so dangerous wasteland. The official description below details a little bit more about the Power Armor and what folks can expect.

“This mod will add a brand new Power Armor called Spartan Battle Suit with many custom made parts to the game. This is a very heavy but well protected power armor.”

You can get the Tumbajama’s Power Armor set by heading on over to Nexusmods, which provides a nice list of everything that works with the mod and how to download it.

fallout 4 power armor 1

The next and last mod is by 83Willow, which stands as the most popular mod on Nexusmods. I know it’s just a re-textured HD fish mod, but it seems to be very popular at the moment. The description below provides more info on the Commonwealth Fish pack.

“The Far Harbor Fish textures are included in both files – even if you don’t have the DLC so far you can use this mod without any problems! (and as soon as you install the DLC the Retextures will show up for the Mackerel and Haddock in your game too.)”

As pictured below, we see a healthy version, a vanilla version and an unhealthy version. There are loads more than just the three pictured below.

fallout 4 fish hd

If you want you can get this mod by hitting up Nexusmods. As noted above, it adds more than one different type of fishes with a variety of HD textures.

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