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1415080cookie-checkFallout 4 Mods Add Moving Vehicles, New Locations And More

Fallout 4 Mods Add Moving Vehicles, New Locations And More

The latest Fallout 4 mods to hit Nexusmods include flying vehicles, more places and building to explore, and more vault suits. Some of these mods are also usable on Xbox One, and also work for PC.

Have you ever wanted to ride or drive in a vehicle around the wasteland of Fallout 4? If the answer is yes, modder KhajiitForCoin has a nice flying UFO for the Commonwealth. In addition to the mod, other vehicles like the Mini Car, Sedan, Coupe, Van and Sports car have been added, too. A video by Hey Im Starlord shows the UFO in action, as seen below. You can get this mod be heading over to Nexusmods.

fallout 4 mods flying 2

Those of you who are bored of boarded up buildings and places around Boston that prevent you from exploring, there’s a new mod by modder Dangosan, which opens all closed off areas. This mod adds six new interiors in Concord, Drifters Settle, Forgotten Home, Discount Store, Dreary Rest stop and Ransacked Abode. Joining the inside restricted locations also comes six outside locations. The modder also noted that players should see weekly or frequent updates, adding more open locations to visit. You can get this mod by going to Nexusmods.

Looking over to the standard Vault outfit, modders have taken to it and offer some different alternatives. Three different modders that go by the names of Nitronizer, Spacepoptart, and Ruddy88 show us some very interesting Vault outfits. The first adds a list of colors and patterns to the standard outfit, while the second comes in as a customizable unzipped vault suit, which is accompanied by the last suit showing off the N7 logo.

fallout 4 mods flying 4

fallout 4 mods flying 3

fallout 4 mods flying 5

You can get the first outfit by heading to Nitronizer’s Nexusmods page, and the second by hitting up Spacepoptart‘s, same with Ruddy88‘s mod. These mods currently work for PC and might be available for Xbox One. Those who want to jump into Fallout 4’s wasteland will be able to do so for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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