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Fallout 4 Mods Add New Story Quest, Humanized Ada And Traveling NPCs

If you are experiencing dull moments in Fallout 4 and yearn for some excitement, three new mods have the potential to turn that around now. These mods add a new story quest, new NPCs that follow and more. Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The first mod up is by Neeher. In an attempt to add a few things, the modder added way more than planned and brings forth new weapons, ammo types, quests and places to explore.

The mod has Sole Survivors searching for the Firelance, which is said to coincide with some mods. In addition, the mod also works for Xbox One, and is compatible with all DLCs.

The mod also brings a new companion named Xander, who is fully voiced with proper dialogue. If the mod Xander’s Aid sounds like a fun adventure in Boston you can get it now, which comes with a video by Jay Mill that shows one of the many ways to start the Firelance quest.

You know that broken robot named Ada who has bad path finding? Well, if you do, there are some fixes with her AI and appearance. This new mod by LazyGirl turns Ada into a real human (or vice versa). This includes full appearance configuration, lip synced dialogue, adjustable combat proficiency/style, hacking and picklocking.

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To activate this mod simply trade the controller holotape from Ada whenever you gain access to her, if you haven’t done the quest. If you do have it already it should be in your inventory, which requires you to toggle “Turn to human”. You can get this mod, Ada2Human, by heading over to NexusMods.

Want some excitement that’s randomized in the commonwealth? One way to add some spice to the wasteland is Win2009’s mod NPCs Travel. The mod adds over 88 new NPCs that roam the commonwealth, respective to their faction. You can check out a video overview concerning the mod thanks to Koubitz.

You can get this mod by heading over to NexusMods. With that said, Fallout 4 is out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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