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Fallout 4 Mods Add Synth Workshops, Quicker Trades And More Weapons

Modders are still modding for Fallout 4, especially with its most recent addition of modding for PC and Xbox One. The latest mods to hit the wasteland survival RPG are Synth Workshops that let you build your very own synths, a quicker trade option with civilians, and more customizable weapons. Fallout 4 is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The first mod is by Kentington, and has players in search of a holotape from the Institute’s Robotics department, or by following a newly designed quest. This requires wastelanders to get six batches of synth tissue, 12 modified bones and one modified synth component per synth creation.

Afterwards, head to the chemistry station holding the Body Scanner so that you can scan living, or dead NPCs. After scanning a template image for your synths, you will be able to store up to 16 templates to make whatever synth that comes to mind.

You can get this mod from Nexusmods, or you can watch a video by Oxhorn showing the Synth Workshop in action.

The second Fallout 4 mod is by Registrator2000. The QuickTrade adds a menu option so that you can open the buy/sell menu, which is followed up by another new inventory option for your settlers. In addition to the mod, it is optimized so that the Trade is only available when merchants are offering vendor services.

If you get sick of the QuickTrade option or seek no use for it, you can toggle the function on/off anytime through the hotkey if you have FO4Hotkeys activated. You can get this mod by hitting up Nexusmods.

The last mod is by DOOMBASED, who created a plethora of weapons for Fallout 4. Some of the entries include a modified AK-47 and a SCAR that resembles an XM8 rifle. However, the main focus that the modder places on today is the Catalyst AAS semi-auto shotgun. The weapon holds around 30 customizable parts, and a few special mods to increase in-game stats.

If you want to download this mod along with the other weapons made by DOOMBASED, you can head on over to Nexusmods to do so. If you are pondering over getting the mod, you can watch a video by Oh Deer, who shows all of the modder’s weapons (the Catalyst AAS starts at 5:55).

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