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Fallout 4 Mods Bring Clean Water And Live Dismemberment To The Wasteland

Fallout 4 fans both on Xbox One and PC — PS4 folks your time is almost coming up — will be able to enjoy some new mods for Bethesda’s action RPG. The first mod brings clear water that replaces the old textures and look of the vanilla version, while the second mod adds live dismemberment to the base game.

The first mod by Feyawen removes all radiation poison from swimming, wading and drinking water. The mod also adds three tiers to the radiation level that affects the player as it stands now, with extra radiation, and dangerous amounts of radiation damage. Of course, if that is too much for you, wastelanders will be able to play around with this mod, which adds four types of water appearances.

The first is Clean, which is standard water. The second is Clear, and as its name implies, it clears up the water making it look better from before. The third type is tropical, opting for a smooth yet mix between Clean and Clear water types. Lastly, the final water type is Crystal. This water variant adds sparkles and unrealistic water dynamics to the game that even blows the vanilla version’s water out of the water… I mean game.

If you want you can get the mod by heading over to Nexusmods. For those wanting a better look at the Clean Water mod, YouTuber Koubitz has a video up showing all four water types in action.

Modder DeathclawAlpha has a mod out for those looking for mutilation at its finest. However, the mod can get ridiculous in the amount of how much blood and gore one can produce from another individual, but it also includes the options to tone it down if you find it to be too much.

The first and most mildest is Liebermode. the second is Regular and does as its names implies. The third is Angry, which is followed by Brutal. After the ones noted above, from here on out, it just gets ridiculous with its gore. Insane-o, Mental, Postal and Mind-Blowing all do what their names suggest and more. A picture reveals what the mod is all about, and shows a Diamond City Security guard decapitated in a pile of gore.

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If this mod seems somewhat interesting, more info on it can be found by hitting up Nexusmods.

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As of now, mod support is currently available for PC and Xbox One, and was last said by Bethesda to drop sometime early August for PS4 players.

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