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1565870cookie-checkFans Will “Have To Wait A Little Longer” For Destiny 3, According To Bungie

Fans Will “Have To Wait A Little Longer” For Destiny 3, According To Bungie

Although servers for Destiny 1 and 2 are still up, Bungie wants to continue making Destiny games. That’s right Destiny 3 seems to be in the minds of Bungie devs, which means the PS5 and Xbox Series X will likely gain this installment when it comes to fruition.

I’m not sure why the people behind these “MMO” looter-shooters think it’s a good idea to waste money and time to move on to a new numbered title that accomplishes the same thing. What makes this whole live-service thing even more baffling is that the same mistakes made in the first entry resurface, but I digress.

As of recent, struck up an interview with Bungie’s community manager or director, David Dague, on if the team will stay with Destiny 2 or will gamers and fans get to see a third installation in the series of ongoing FPS looter-shooter action. Dague’s response sits below:

“I don’t have any good announcements to make about the next bold moves we’ll make in the franchise. Right now our commitment and our attention is to make the seasons that will unfold over the course of the next year interesting and sustain a perennial story arc that will keep players engaged.


I understand the question you’re asking and it’s certainly an interesting one, and we’ll have a lot of cool stuff to say on that later, but I’m afraid that moment will have to wait a little bit longer.”

At this point, if Bungie managed to churn out a third installment, how many more times can the Guardians fight the Darkness? And most importantly, what is stopping more microtransactions and anti-consumer practices from popping up like the post-Activision “evolving Eververse” nonsense?

Although rumors are saying that the next game will have an open world and new enemies to tackle, remember that those things are just rumors until Bungie is done with Destiny 2 and reveals Destiny 3′s content.

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