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1547090cookie-checkFar Cry 2, Driver San Francisco And Sniper Elite V2 Now Backwards Compatible For Xbox One

Far Cry 2, Driver San Francisco And Sniper Elite V2 Now Backwards Compatible For Xbox One

Some decent games have been made available for backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, brought back from the dead by the necromancer of seventh gen gaming. We have Ubisoft’s Far Cry 2 and Driver: San Francisco, along with Sniper Elite V2 from Rebellion Entertainment.

Gamespot spotted the update for the three games making the arduous journey from the era of the Xbox 360 to Microsoft’s multi-family platform for eighth gen consisting of the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

This isn’t the most exhaustive list of noteworthy games, but it’s a decent line-up of something interesting for gamers who may have been looking for something fun to play on the Xbox One because we all know that new games or console exclusives aren’t coming anytime soon for Microsoft’s system.

Far Cry 2 in particular is actually a pretty decent game, offering gamers an open-world sandbox set in a crap-hole like Africa where you have to meddle inside the machinations of warlords and criminals. The game is extremely hard because your life is constantly in jeopardy due to being infected with malaria, and then all the weapons you encounter degrade rather quickly so it’s no easy tour through the safari.

As for Driver: San Francisco, it’s not really the best racing game out there and certainly not the best Driver game out there, but it does offer gamers a little bit of something different by allowing them to ghost-swap through the various vehicles riding around on the street. It makes for some entertaining moments as you attempt to navigate your way through one chase scene after the next.

Last and least is Sniper Elite V2. These are middle of the road third-person shooters that might appeal to people who need something to satiate their thirst for x-ray headshots.

You can either load these games onto your Xbox One using the original discs or by grabbing them from the Xbox store.

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