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Far Cry 5 – Endings Explained

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 is an extremely controversial game because both the Conservatives and the Liberals have their own ideas about the game. However, if you’re interested in the game’s story – more specifically the different endings – this article will break down the basics so you know what’s going on in Far Cry 5.

The game starts with an explanation how over the last several years a cult led by Joseph Seed called Eden’s Gate has been growing in numbers, buying up land, becoming elected officials, and attaining positions of power in law enforcement. Eventually the FBI catch wind of Seed’s antics and issue a warrant for his arrest.

The Sheriff and a couple of his underlings, including Deputy Hudson, Deputy Pratt, and Deputy Rook, accompany a U.S. Marshal to arrest Joseph Seed on kidnapping conspiracy charges. In a secret ending the Deputy can choose not to arrest Joseph Seed, which instantly ends the game.

Far cry 5 - Joseph Seed Arrested

If the player, however, chooses to arrest Joseph, the cult attacks the officers as they attempt to airlift Seed out via Helicopter. During the battle, the helicopter crashes. Following the crash, the dispatcher – who was instructed to call the National Guard if the officers did not make it out after a set period of time – is instructed by Joseph Seed to stand down and that everything is fine, revealing that the dispatcher was one of the cult members all along.

During a daring escape through the forest, the U.S. Marshal and Deputy Rook end up getting separated and the Marshal gets taken by the cult. The Deputy is rescued by a military veteran named Dutch, who explains that Eden’s Gate has taken control of the radio towers so communication to the outside world is cut off. Deputy Rook works with Dutch to weaken the cult’s control in various areas, as well as allying with rebel groups such as the Cougars and the Whitetails, who have formed militias against Eden’s Gate.

Along the way the Deputy learns about Joseph’s three family members, John Seed, Jacob Seed, and Faith Seed. Each member controls a region of Hope County, Montana, and utilizes different methods against the uprising militias. The Deputy also discovers that the Sheriff survived the helicopter crash and is also working with the local militia who are combating the cult. However, during the journey across Hope County, the Deputy is attacked by Jacob’s men and is captured.

Far Cry 5 - Brainwashed

Jacob Seed drugs and brainwashes the Deputy to become a killing machine, like an MK-Ultra experiment. The Whitetail militia leader, Eli, manages to rescue Deputy Rook from Jacob’s brainwashing session. Not every Whitetail member trusts Rook following his capture by Jacob, but even still, Eli works with the Deputy to further deconstruct Jacob’s operations, as well as target Faith and her faction.

Faith Seed appears to the Deputy in a vision after the Deputy is exposed to small doses of a drug called “Bliss” when he takes down one of the drug stations. During the vision, Faith reveals that she was abused by her family, ended up becoming a heroin addict, and was destitute until she met Joseph. When she joined Joseph’s family she was renewed in the spirit, and began administering Bliss to the cult members.

Far Cry 5 - Angel of Faith

Faith convinces the Deputy to take a “Leap of Faith” just like in Assassin’s Creed. Only the chosen survive the fall, as evident when the Deputy wakes up from his hallucination and finds out that many people who took the leap of faith… died.

Many of the cult members that have been exposed to Bliss become entrapped in hallicinations and sometimes become mentally unstable.

The Deputy discovers that the U.S. Marshal was actually taken by Faith’s group and has been given Bliss.

The Deputy works with Eli to take out the Bliss pumping stations and the distributors while searching for the Marshal.

Far Cry 5 - Marshal In Bliss

During another vision, the U.S. Marshal explains to the Deputy that he’s not leaving Eden’s Gate. The Marshal goes into exposition about how everyone outside of Eden’s Gate live their mundane lives under the rule of faux freedom and material oppression. He states that in the outside world people don’t live their lives for themselves, but live as “Yes!” men for the Globalists.

The Marshal explains that he’s found happiness through Eden’s Gate and that in the end, happiness is what matters most.

Despite protests from the Marshal, the Deputy manages to retrieve the Marshal and bring him back to the Sheriff.

Far Cry 5 - Happiness Is What Matters

The Sheriff, Eli and the Deputy begin to deconstruct Jacob, John, and Faith’s operations.

However, throughout the journey, the Deputy is repeatedly doped up on Bliss by Joseph’s men. Jacob repeatedly brainwashes and reconditions the Deputy to become a killing machine so that he can use the Deputy on command to kill Eli, which he hopes will demoralize the Whitetails and force them to stop fighting.

Far Cry 5 - Jacob Seed

The conditioning works and the Deputy ends up killing Eli.

The other resistance members tell the Deputy to go kill Jacob to recompense for killing Eli. The Deputy does kill Jacob, only to find out that Joseph had a prophesy that things would turn out the way they did.

The Deputy rescues one of his partners, Pratt, from Jacob’s armory while completely dismantling the brain-washing operation.

With Jacob out of the way and the Bliss-addicted “angels” defeated, the Deputy attempts to take down Faith. However, it turns out that Faith still had control over the Marshal, and she uses him to kill the militia at the Sheriff’s base and then she has the Marshal to commit suicide. She also uses the Bliss to capture the Sheriff.


The Deputy ends up tracking down Faith and killing her while destroying the remaining supply of Bliss. The Deputy also saves the Sheriff from committing suicide, who has become nearly overdosed on Bliss.

After returning to Fall’s End to finally put an end to John Seed, the Deputy is ambushed and forced to take part in witnessing the black preacher and Nick having their sinful flesh carved out. During a shootout, John is wounded by the Deputy but manages to escape to his ranch where a local militia, Mary, along with the Deputy, track him down and kill him.

Far Cry 5 - Atoning For Sins

The Deputy rescues another one of his partners, Deputy Hudson, from John’s bunker. They also destroy John’s doomsday bunker where various people were being held.

In a final confrontation with Joseph, the Father has all of the Deputy’s friends and allies arrive at the church, controlled by Bliss. The Deputy has a choice to either resist Joseph or walk away.

Far Cry 5 - A Choice

If the Deputy chooses to resist, then a shootout will ensue and Joseph will be attacked.

After a lengthy battle and succumbing to defeat, Joseph begins quoting from Revelations while the Sheriff begins to close in, ready to arrest Joseph. Once the Sheriff puts the cuffs on Joseph, Armageddon begins and the world goes up in flames.

The Deputy and the other officers, along with Joseph, attempt to drive toward the bunker while the entire world literally becomes awash with burning orange hellfire. The destruction is too much, and the jeep is overturned.

Joseph manages to survive the crash and takes the Deputy into the bunker where Dutch was originally stationed. Joseph subdues Dutch and handcuffs the Deputy to the bed. The game ends with Joseph telling the Deputy that the two of them are the only family left, and that after the world has been cleansed through fire, only Joseph and the Deputy will be able to walk through Eden’s Gate.


Far Cry 5 Walk Away Ending

In the alternate ending, if the Deputy simply chooses to walk away, Joseph lets the Deputies and the Sheriff leave.

While they’re driving out of Hope County, the Sheriff turns on the radio. When the radio comes on the kill-song that Jacob used to brainwash the Deputy begins to play, and the Deputy goes into a blood rage, focusing on the Sheriff and ready to kill everyone in the car as the screen fades to black.

Far Cry 5 - I Did Not Ask For This

TL;DR: The world is on the brink of collapse and Joseph Seed is actually a prophet of God called to save as many people as possible before Armageddon takes place. He builds up a church, storage facilities, and bunkers, and amasses a group of people who end up worshiping him as a cult leader in Hope County, Montana. The non-cult denizens fear Joseph and his “family”. Hostilities begin to erupt against Project Eden’s Gate and law enforcement steps in to arrest Joseph.

However, it turns out that the people rebelling and fighting against Eden’s Gate are in the wrong, and the player-character, Deputy Rook, is the real villain, killing countless people and throwing the county into a bloody civil war. Jacob Seed, one of Joseph’s “family” members, manages to capture and brainwash Deputy Rook in order to kill the opposing militia’s leaders to bring an end to the bloodshed, which partially works. However, the death of the militia leader only rallies the residents of Hope County even more, who eventually wipe out the cultists. Doing so, however, reveals that Joseph Seed was right all along and a Nuclear holocaust ensues, throwing the world into Armageddon.

Whether the player-character leaves Joseph and Eden’s Gate alone, or attempt to stop him, Joseph’s prophecy comes true regardless, and all who stand against him die a fiery and horrific death.

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