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FAR: Lone Sails Gameplay Walkthrough

Mxtvision and Okomotive’s FAR: Lone Sails made its way onto Steam for PC. The game is a mixed breed of genres, combining the travel and exploration elements of zen games, but with the hardships and challenges of side-scrolling platformers. The post-apocalyptic game is a real rare gem that has managed to find itself solid audience so far and there’s a gameplay walkthrough available for those of you who picked up a copy of the game and need a bit of help getting through it.

YouTuber Indie James has a full gameplay walkthrough available of FAR: Lone Sails, which clocks in at nearly two hours even. You can check out it out below.

Once you start the game it will take you right down into the game. You’ll have the main character in red.

Travel to the right and go inside the house. Jump up and hit the big red button to turn the lights on upstairs. Press ‘V’ on the keyboard to pick up items. Grab the suitcase and head outside to your right across the barren beach, littered with the soulless husks of abandoned dinghies.

Continue right until you reach the craft.

Take your luggage into the bedroom and then place the boxes onto the lift and press the button to raise the lift and fill up the energy gauge.

Press the speed button to start the steam craft to begin traveling across the desert.

FAR Lone Sails - A Box Of Steam

You’ll come across a cache of boxes on by a broken pier that leads off into the horizon. Press the red button just above the “Speed” button to bring the steam craft to a halt.

Exit the craft and take all of the boxes but only use one box to fill up the energy tank. One box will give you full power.

Continue across the desert until you come across four more boxes of energy. Remember to only use one box at a time to refuel, otherwise you’ll waste a lot of the energy and you need to conserve as much energy as possible.

Also, as the craft builds up heat you’ll need to exhaust it by pressing the red button under “Steam”. This will cool down the engines to keep it running pristine.

FAR Lone Sails - Fuel Drum

Further along the path you’ll come across a dock on an incline – ragged planks of wood left remaining from a bygone era. There are a number of crates on the ground along with a fuel drum. Be sure to take the crates and the fuel drum.

Eventually you’ll come across a crane and an obstruction in the middle of the ground. When it comes to a halt climb up top on the crane and use the red button to lower the sail mechanism down onto the Steam craft. Use the red button at the top of the craft to raise the sails so that you can begin traveling without using energy.

FAR Lone Sails - The Crane

As you travel across the desert you’ll run into a giant propellor from the remains of a tipped over boat. Head down the steps and to your right to turn the lever to move the pole arm around so that the fan tips over and your steam craft can keep on sailing across the desert.

It might be best to stop the craft before it hits the avoid to avoid the engines catching on fire. If the engines do catch on fire use the water hose at the top left part of the craft to put out the fire around the ignition.

Continue traveling right until you reach a bridge with a weight blocking the pathway.

Again, bring the craft to a halt before it smashes into the weight to prevent it from taking damage.

Travel across the bridge and use the fuel drum to place it inside the furnace and raise the bridge up. There’s a lantern at the top right hand corner of the bridge that you can take. Travel all the way across to the left of the bridge and press the button on the ground to lower the bridge so that the craft can cross. Be sure to lower the sails to prevent them from being damaged while attempting to travel under the arches.

FAR Lone Sails - Dark Days Ahead

Continue across the desert toward the coastline. There are some fuel drums and energy crates you’ll encounter along the way. Be sure to pick them up and don’t miss a single one. You’ll need them.

Across the large expanse of darkened skies and barren wastelands canvassing your view for as far and as wide as your eyes can see, there will be a few more scant resources you can gather along your journey.

Be mindful of having the sails raised during the lightning storm because when the lightning strikes it will readily damage your sails. You’ll need to then use the water hose to put out the fire.

FAR Lone Sails - Night Sky

While traveling at night, the stars will light your way, but only barely.

Keep your eyes perceptive and keen on the ground below, for there are assets at the ready to be plucked from the dusty earth beneath the wheels of your rickety old craft.

Further right you’ll encounter a decrepit warehouse.

Bring the craft to a hold and use the platform above to scale up top.

That lantern you picked up from the bridge earlier? Well, you’ll need it to light the way given that it’s pitch black out; dark as night under the constellation wrapped sky.

Once inside, use one of the fuel drums to place it inside the generator and process the button to lower the wielding tool. Grab the welder and use it to repair the red button on the right side of the warehouse that’s sparking and glowing.


Once the button is repaired, press it to lower the welding tool down into the steam craft and then proceed to fix your sails and the ignition.

Continue heading to the right until you encounter a locked gate; bust through the gate but you may want to stop and acquire some of the fuel resources on the ground.

Once you get a hold of the fuel continue right until you encounter the radio tower. Avoid slamming into the radio tower gate. Use the elevator to go up top and then use the radio tower satellite buttons to turn the dial onto the big red dial. You can then take the radio with you in the elevator and bring it into your steam craft.

You can let the classic ragtime tunes wash over the room as you sail silently through the night, like a butterfly through a forest or a bird through the clouds.

FAR Lone Sails - Windmills

You’ll eventually roll right into the morning sunrise as windmills stretch across the farmlands into the distance for as far as the eye can see.

Sail, sail across the farm into the Blue Isles where the cows roam free, and the idyllic pastures of a serene life echo their past glory into the gloom of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

You’ll eventually happen upon a giant mining structure.

There’s a crate of energy you can take. Additionally there’s a small compartment you can travel through that will take you up some stairs to a red button. Press the button to raise the steam craft.

As pointed out in the walkthrough by Achievements Collector, hook the tow cable to the red hook attached to the button at the back of the garage.

Take the tow cable at the front of the craft and keep pulling it to drag the craft all the way to the front of the garage.

When the craft reaches the end of the garage press the red button on the device hooked up to the steam craft and it will lower a suction onto the back of the steam craft that will automatically suck up crates and fuel drums for you once you press the red button.

The garage door will also open once you press the button allowing you to progress forward.

Be sure to use the the suction to pick up any and all extra crates to make traveling easier on you.

Make your way across the harbor village and past the rocky incline until you reach a guard tower of sorts.


Stop the craft and climb up the tower. Press the red button to raise the guard door and then hop inside the hamster wheel to turn the windmill to allow the craft to pass by. Also, be sure that you’ve lowered the anchor on the craft so it doesn’t roll away from you after you open the gate.

Proceed to outrun the tornado and travle until you reach the dilapidated submarine. Jump up top and press the red button to open the door. Move through the small compartment up top and push the weight until you get back to the steam craft. Eventually you’ll have to drive out of the submarine as it collaspes in.

You’ll eventually come upon a muddy pit where the craft will get stuck. Go out front and use the tow cable to attach it to the anchor on the ground just beyond the muddy pit. Go back inside and turn on the power and then press the red tow cable button to tug the craft out of the muddy pit.

Also, keep an eye on the red gauges inside the craft – that shows the health of each of the mechanisms, including the sails, the ignition, the suction and the tow cable.

Continue traveling to the right until you reach the abandon facility.

Anchor the craft and proceed on foot through the small opening. Place the crate inside the furnace and press the red button when you get up top to call the cable lift to your position. Hop into the lift and it will take you back to the front gate, which will open up for the steam craft.

Take the craft forward through the gate and give it full power in order to blast through the debris and rusted over pipes blocking the way. Be sure to release the steam and keep the ignition pressed all the way in until you reach the barge at the end of the factory line.

Climb up to the top of the craft and press the red button at the top of the barge’s cockpit. It will spool the waterwheel around to the bottom of the barge.


Climb inside the waterwheel and press the red button in the center. Proceed to run around the hweel to propel the barge forward and ferry yourself to the other side of the lake.

When you reach the checkpoint, head into the elevator on the right and press the button to head up top. Press the first button to raise the steam craft up using the anchor and then press the second button to remove the wheels. Press the last button to add the new set of wheels and then lower the steam craft back down to the ground.

The new wheels are designed as buoys in the water when crossing small lakes and ponds.

Continue onward and forward.

You’ll eventually reach another barge. Use the sails to propel the barge forward.

Eventually you’ll come upon a blocked path.

There is some fuel and energy crates available.

You’ll need to keep ramming the makeshift gate composed of debris until it breaks.

A hailstorm will pelt the steam craft.

FAR Lone Sails - Hailstorm

Take the craft under the shed and repair it. It will take a lot of damage every time you travel through the hailstorm, however you will have no choice but to traverse through the dangerous weather phenomenon.

Continue forward until you reach another blockade. Exit from the craft and take the elevator down. A mine cart will roll in. Use the cart to jump up and press the red button to turn the furnace on. Proceed to go over and pull the red handle and then when the fire rolls into the machine, press the button. Proceed to the far right and a gear will begin to turn. Get on the elevator and press the button to head up to the furnace and put the fuel drum inside and press the button to raise the elevator and lower the gate blocking the craft.

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