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1429680cookie-checkFarming Simulator 17 Garage Trailer Shows Off Farming Vehicles

Farming Simulator 17 Garage Trailer Shows Off Farming Vehicles

Farming Simulator 17 is shaping up to be pretty big if it follows through with its current traction that it’s building up as of the moment. With only a little bit more than a week left until the farming simulator launches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, a new video entitled “Garage Trailer” shows us the farming vehicles used in Goldcrest Valley. Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive’s Farming Simulator 17 is set to launch on October 25th.

So far It looks like Farming Simulator and its ongoing franchise seem to have a pretty big fan base surrounding it. If you happen to be a fan of the farming simulator series a new trailer is now out showing the garage packed with farming vehicles.

Just to be upfront with you about Farming Simulator 17‘s usable vehicles, it features over 250 authentic usable equipment to cycle through, which span across 15 plus brands to pick from.

Recently, we already saw a video showing a tour of Goldcrest Valley in a 360 degree video trailer, but now we get to see a little bit more of the town. However the tour of the town isn’t nearly as hardy as the previous video for Farming Simulator 17, as this one stands to be on the glimpse side.

The new trailer is evident below, which comes in by Focus Home Interactive‘s channel.

Something that I find cool is that FS17 now allows for equipment and vehicles to be customized. This includes paint jobs, engines, wheels, and other pieces and accessories to be altered on vehicles and equipment.

Something that will also spice things up is in-game radio stations. The game will provide stations like Country, Rock, and Pop music to fill in times of silence. But, if the game’s taste of music doesn’t hit the spot for you, players can listen to their very own music and upload more custom tracks to farm to in style.

Farming Simulator is set to come out on October 25th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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