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Final Fantasy XV Final Brotherhood Episode Battles A Giant Snake

Square Enix let loose episode 5 of the Brotherhood series for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. It clocks in at just 12 minutes, featuring the heroic boy-band in anime form ahead of the release of the full game on November 29th for the Xbox One and PS4.

The episode is titled “Warm of the Light. It starts with a battle against one of the Empire’s Daemons. Notcis is warned to retreat but fights onward, still.

Eventually we get a flashback sequence of the serpent going after a young Notcis, where we see how his mother(?) is killed.

The serpent is faced down against in a one-on-one battle against King Lucis, who uses the power of the crystals to subdue to the serpent and force it off the cliff.

Lucis is shown being concerned with the well being of Noctis and the flashback ends there.

While the boy-band attempt to to fight the demon on their own, they do so to no avail after Noctis is knocked into the water. Eventually Notcis amps up and starts cutting down the serpent. The boy-band help out Notcis, cutting off the limbs of the serpent that eventually ends with Gladio throwing Noctis at its head where he beheads it.

It’s a small piece of backstory to help flesh out Noctis’ character. He’s still a much harder character to get into than Nyx from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. But director Hajime Tabata seems to be working in overtime to try to make people care about Noctis, so we’ll see if they can pull it off when the game launches on November 29th.

After the story trailer from TGS 2016 released, it was easier to see how the story may unfold in Final Fantasy XV, and for the first time they finally put into perspective the stakes that Noctis and his boy-band will face in attempting to reclaim the land. Maybe they didn’t want to previously release the story trailer because it would have spoiled Kingsglaive, but they would have been running a dangerous risk of failing to convince the general populace about the game had they stuck to the original September release date, since most people still wouldn’t have known much about the game so close to its release.

Well, now they have two extra months to accelerate the hype train and they seem to be doing an okay job of it.

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