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1436150cookie-checkFinal Fantasy XV New Game+ Will Be Free On December 22nd

Final Fantasy XV New Game+ Will Be Free On December 22nd

Square Enix announced that the holiday themed DLC for Final Fantasy XV, appropriately named the Holiday Pack, will arrive in both free and premium versions on December 22nd. The holiday DLC will contain the New Game+, as revealed back on December 3rd during the live-stream when they showcased Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda as a special guest boss in the game.

The free portions of the DLC will be available to everyone, which includes the New Game+. According to the press release you’ll receive a Warrior’s Fanfare scroll sheet of music that adds additional AP. A Nixperience Band that prevents the boy band from receiving experience points, assuming you want to ramp up the challenge of the game. A Carnival Passport that allows the boy band to get transported to a carnival for a limited amount of time, and a Chofo-Mog Tee that features a t-shirt for the boy band.

The premium aspects of the DLC includes a Ring of Resistance that makes the boy band immune to friendly magic attacks, preventing them from doing damage. There’s a Tech Turbocharger that accelerates the recharge rate of the tech bar. There’s an Armiger Accelerator that quickly replenishes the Armiger bar, but in turn it freezes the tech bar. There are two scroll sheets including Blitzer’s Fanfare and a Tactician’s Fanfare, a Key of Prosperity that increases the drop rate, and a Stamina Badge that allows Noct to sprint and teleport and hang onto objects without draining stamina.

Additionally, the premium content will also include the Carnival Passport and the exclusive photo frames for when sharing photos on social media, along with a holiday themed outfit for the boy band. The last two items won’t be available until the end of January in 2017. Heck, even the DLC for Final Fantasy XV seems to suffer from delays.

They don’t nail down a price for the premium content of the Holiday Pack but they do remind gamers that the season pass is available for Final Fantasy XV  on both the Xbox One and the PS4 for $24.99.

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