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1423000cookie-checkFinal Fantasy XV Screenshots Detail Combo Linking, Buffs And Chocobos

Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Detail Combo Linking, Buffs And Chocobos

Square Enix released a bevy amount of information regarding Final Fantasy XV‘s combo linking, buffs and chocobos in a new batch of screenshots. Final Fantasy XV is set to come out September 30th for Xbox One and PS4.

Those excited for Final Fantasy XV should find this new information interesting, which includes new screenshots published by the devs. First, the equipment menu will let you set four weapons to use in battle, as well as three accessories that grant special status effects. The equipment menu also affects your teammates depending on your party members’ weapons and commands. This is noted to change the strategy in a “big way”.

In addition to the above, each character will sport their own commands that will possess a wide range of attacks types and supportive mechanics. In other words, these commands are heavily situational and preference based.

You can also set one specific main weapon and one sub weapon for your teammates. The category of weapons that are set for each party member are fixed to both main and sub. This also coincides with a trigger system that lets you select a command for a specific member of the party.

The devs also explained that link attacks can trigger during battle based on weapons and what Noctis’ equipment. These moves vary in damage depending on what skills and weapons are used on an enemy.

This now brings us to R&R. The game will feature three different types of lodging locations separated into specif categories. The first is camps, the second is trailer houses and the third is Inns. Each holds their benefits while also holding their downsides. The three methods of recovering and gaining buffs are all scattered across the world and can be accessed by heading to their respective location.

Finally on the list of Final Fantasy XV info, the devs noted that Chocobos are fast traveling bipedal creatures that can be used to get to places around the world faster. According to the description for Chocobos, I don’t think you can own one per se , but rent one. However, you can obtain a Chocobo Flute that calls one to you so that you can ride one when renting a Chocobo.

Final Fantasy XV is set to come out September 30th for Xbox One and PS4. With that said, I’ll leave you with these newly posted screenshots showing off Final Fantasy XV below.

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