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1523020cookie-checkFossil Releases Fossil Q Gen 4 Series Smartwatches

Fossil Releases Fossil Q Gen 4 Series Smartwatches

Recently the Fossil Company debuted its latest Q series of Gen 4 smartwatches. The Q series offers a total of five different smartwatches to choose from, and from the five choices, there are two styles: the Venture HR, which is the smaller touch-screen smart-watch, and the Explorist HR series, which only offers one style with a larger face screen. Note: the HR at the end of the name is said to stand for” heart rate.”

Each Fossil Q Gen 4 series supports the iPhone and the Android smartphones, and each smartwatch is powered with Wear OS by Google. The Wear OS does require a phone running either Android OS 4.4+ or iOS 9.3+.

The pairing and syncing step by step instructions assist in keeping the Wear Os Google App open and running on the phone at all times. They all offer built-in GPS, which allows for accurate built-in fitness tracker without having to bring your smartphone, and heart rate tracking.

According to Slashgear the Fossil Q Gen4 series includes what is called “optimized charge time,” it seems this technology will allow users to apparently charge their watch “within an hour to last all day.”

Each  smartwatch style also provides connectivity to Bluetooth Smart Enabled features, NFC payments, water resistance for swimming; notifications for text, email, social media, and app alerts; multiple time zones, alarm clock, calendar alerts, microphone , up-to-date weather, ambient light sensors, and 4GB of storage.

The Fossil Gen 4 series all are compatible with interchangeable watch straps. According to Trustedreviews the four smaller Gen 4 Q Venture HR all supports a 18mm straps, and the larger Gen 4 Q Explorist HR supports a 22mm straps. The Fossil website shows an array of different styles of interchangeable watch-bands to choose from. The retail price for the Fossil Q Gen 4 series starts at $255.00 to $275 USD.

To view all the styles and different watch-bands or to order visit:

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