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1414290cookie-checkFour Realms, Animal Themed Action-RPG Enters Early Access June 10th

Four Realms, Animal Themed Action-RPG Enters Early Access June 10th

Designed with an aesthetic that mirrors the old-school, computer edutainment titles from the 1990s, Four Realms from Hugebot!, has managed to make far enough in development to land on Steam’s Early Access come June 10th .

The Steam page for the title has gone live recently, announcing that in approximately 10 days’ time the game will be available through Early Access.

Four Realms is classified as an adventure, action-strategy RPG since players will command a Warden whose task is to bring peace back to the land while uniting the land and bringing harmony to the animal kingdom.

There will be a number of anthropomorphic animals at the command of players as they utilize the Warden to venture across the land while wielding Wild Magic. There’s a gameplay trailer available to give you an idea of what you can expect from the game, below.

Even if you’re not fond of the graphics, the way the trailer constantly scales by introducing the different ways the game can be played and the way various animals can be called into action – enlarged and shrunken on command – makes for some interesting possibilities when it comes to retrieving keys, battling other enemies and creating makeshift armies out of forest animals.

I imagine this will be popular with gamers looking for something similar to the Legend of Zelda, but with a dash of a real-time strategy game. Problem solving using a creative mix-and-match style of gameplay with the different animals opens up a lot of different types of playability options, so that’s cool to see.

I imagine a lot of gamers might have a difficult time getting over the graphics, though. So we’ll see how well that comes together when Four Realms launches on June 10th in Early Access. It’s also a good thing the devs want to take it slow and bug fix with the help of the community as opposed to just throwing the game out there and suffering from a barrage of negative user reviews.

You can learn more about the gameplay features and the developers by paying a visit to the Steam store page. Alternatively, you can head to the official website for more info.

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