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1429350cookie-checkFuri, Hack And Slash Boss-Rush Game Announced For Xbox One

Furi, Hack And Slash Boss-Rush Game Announced For Xbox One

Many fans of Furi most likely beat the game before, seeing how it’s already out for PS4 and PC. However, if you want to play the hack and slash boss-rush game on Xbox One, you will be able to do so sometime in the near future. This information comes from The Game Bakers’ main site.

If you are looking to go for another round in Furi, or if you are seeking to play the game for the first time, The Game Bakers announced on their site that Furi will be heading to Xbox One.

“Xbox One players, prepare for the fight! We are delighted to announce that we are bringing Furi, our frenzied all-boss fighter, to Xbox One.”

As many should already know, the game was released back on July 5th for PS4 and PC. Additionally, those who aren’t on said platforms missed out on the brutal boss-rush essentials. But, folks on Xbox One will now be able to participate in the neon samurai game, just as soon as the devs announce an official release date…

“The game will come to Xbox One at a date to be announced, with exclusive new content, in particular a new boss encounter, that we are teasing about in this one screenshot.”

Although fans on Xbox One have to wait until the game is announced and then released, as noted above, there will be some exclusive goodies that come in as compensation for the wait. The Xbox One version will get “new content” and a new boss encounter. This boss is teased in the screenshot below.


Those who want to check out gameplay revealing Furi can watch the official launch trailer below, which comes in courtesy of The Game Bakers‘ channel.

Adding on to the news, the developers also released a new video entitled “Furi – Making of – Episode 2”. The second trailer that comes after the first (older trailer) covers how the controls were formed for the game, how they made intricate bosses that are equal to the player but are also challenging, and other functions that make Furi the game it is today.

You can watch both of the “Making of” videos below.

As of now the official release date for Furi has not been set yet. But, if you want more information on the game, or the update the devs posted on their main site, you can head on over to

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