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1429430cookie-checkGalaxy Of Trian Set To Arrive On Steam October 18th

Galaxy Of Trian Set To Arrive On Steam October 18th

Polish developers Grey Wizard Innovative announced today that their iOS strategy game based on the popular tabletop title of the same name will be arriving on Steam and Android devices next week starting October 18th. Galaxy of Trian is a turn-based strategy title with both single and multiplayer options.

The game is played by creating a board and interacting with the pieces therein, this includes going to war against rival species, establishing military dominance in a sector, researching new equipment or upgrading existing equipment.

You’ll also be able to play through an entire single-player campaign or duke it out against other players in turn-based online multiplayer bouts. You can see what the game looks and plays like with the launch trailer below.

According to Piotr Zygadlo, Studio Director on Galaxy of Trian, he commented in the press release saying…

“We’ve been working on the game ever since the iOS release, shaving and reworking it to bring it as close to perfection as possible for launch on the Steam and Android platforms,”


“One of the most important features to get right was the cross-platform functionality that would ensure that fans of the game can play it on and across any and all platforms, and we can’t wait for players to start finding and playing each other online.”

The objective is to take turns aiming to control each of the pieces of the board while upgrading the stations collecting points in order to win the game. It’s like a minimalist version of a 4x grand strategy game designed to replicate the appeal of tabletop gaming.

One of the neat modes with the multiplayer is the “correspondence mode” where players can take as much time as they need with an asynchronous setup, similar to the way some players used to play the old X-Com titles back in the day when dial-up and e-mail was the common way we communicated with each other.

You can look for Galaxy of Trian to make its way onto the Google Play store for $6.99 on October 18th, joining the iOS version, which is already available. The game will also launch simultaneously on Steam on October 18th but they don’t mention the price in the press release.

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