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1425100cookie-checkGas Guzzlers Extreme Coming To Xbox One, PS4 For $29.99

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Coming To Xbox One, PS4 For $29.99

Gamepires and Iceberg Interactive recently announced that they’ve managed to secure distribution rights to release Gas Guzzlers Extreme on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In an age where so many developers are trying desperately to cash in on the next big fad, or attempting to push identity or sociopolitical agendas up the wazoo, Gas Guzzlers Extreme was a game that hearkened back to good old fashioned fun. It’s the sort of game I wish the newer Twisted Metal titles could have aspired to be when it comes to being entertaining… and fun.

Years ago I was given a press key for Gas Guzzlers Extreme and put in more than a handful of hours into the game. It’s easy to get enraptured with the progressive career mode, lots of weapon customization and plenty of vehicle liveries to keep the game engaging.

Gamepires and Iceberg are hoping to bring that level of engagement to home consoles later this year and next year.

If you need a sampling of what Gas Guzzlers Extreme is like, you can check out some gameplay footage below.

Gamepires have been busy since the game originally released back in 2013. They’ve added Full Metal Zombie and Full Metal Frenzy DLC, which will be included in the console pack, along with the new Survival Mode as players attempt to overcome and survive against hordes of the undead.

The base game includes 12 different game modes, 42 different tracks, 12 different PvP-style arenas, eight different environments and 21 different customizable vehicles. That’s not including the 12 different weapons and the additional power-ups you can get along the way.

I had a blast playing Gas Guzzlers Extreme years ago on PC, I can’t imagine it being any worse on home console. There are actual race modes included so it’s not all just about blowing up other cars. Driving skill is sometimes required, too.

Xbox One owners can look to get their hands on the racing/destruction derby style title at the end of 2016, where-as PS4 owners can look to purchase the game in the second quarter of 2017.

For more info feel free to visit the official website.

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