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1420560cookie-checkGhost In The Shell First Assault Releases Major Content Update For Open Beta

Ghost In The Shell First Assault Releases Major Content Update For Open Beta

Looks like the Major’s got a few brand new shiny toys to play with to go along with that classic Stand Alone Complex outfit of hers.

First things first, Nexon and Neople’s Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex: First Assault (or GITS: First Assault for short), has been in Early Access as a semi-closed beta, buy to play online shooter for several months now. The development team has finally released the Free To Play Open Beta update which also brings a slew of new content to the game, while also fixing some of the older bugs that has been plaguing First Assault since its Closed Beta phase.

Let’s talk about the new skins and weapons first. Motoko gains two new classic skins from the Ghost In The Shell anime series, fans will instantly recognize her signature getup. Batou also now has a new classic skin as well, sporting his fancy bomber jacket. Ishikawa has gained a new skin, wearing a more civilian style urban combat attire. While Togusa puts on his suit for a more sleek and sophisticated look.

gits 3

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Additionally, a new character has been added to the team roaster, so give a warm welcome to the newest member of the team, Kuro. Kuro’s cyberskill ability is an EMP Shockwave generator that he places down to disable the skills and electronics of nearby enemies. Ranking the cyberskill up and using the Tier 2 version will simply increase the duration and health of the EMP generator. If it takes too much damage then the generator will be destroyed by enemies.

Moving on to weapons, we now have five new items that you can buy in the market, including a new melee weapon. We first have the small and compact Bullpup SEBURO C-26 which looks to be an SMG type. The SEBURO C-30 (bottom right in the below picture) looks to be a standard assault rifle with a slightly extended barrel to increase the range. The SEBURO SR is a sniper rifle for long range combat. And then the Bullpup SEBURO MG, is a heavy weapon with an extended drum style magazine located at the rear end of the weapon. Last but not least, the developers added the Double Katar melee weapon.

gits 4

Furthermore, the developers have changed the Chip set system, so you can now stack your identical physical and cyberbrain mod chips together. You can also now purchase permanent Chips using GP (premium currency) from the market, however they also come with both positive and negative stat effects, so choose wisely!

The developers have introduced a new Achievement system so that you can customize your name and character profile a bit with badges and other fancy titles, for those of you that like to unlock shiny new things for your profile.

The new Open Beta update has also added personal customizable Tachikomas that you can now summon during Terminal Conquest missions. This new system allows players to collect points during the game, after you earn enough you can summon your own personal Tachikoma into the battle, instead of having just one standard Tachikoma for the entire team. This new system is still in its Alpha phase, so it may change as the game develops. I haven’t played the new update yet, so I’m not completely sure how this new Tachikoma system works in game.

gits 2

Last but not least, we have new stages and a new game mode. The developers have added the new Ghost Assault Mode, where you and your team members must work together and survive an assault against waves of AI controlled Cyborgs. We now also have two new stages added to the game, the new Ghost Assault Headquarters stage, as well as the new Terminal Conquest Underground Base.

As mentioned above, there were also bug and UI fixes to go along with the new Open Beta update, so for more information and a complete list of everything fixed and added to the game, you can follow the provided link for additional details. You can also check out their new DLC Crate bundles for more information about the new skins, weapons and prices for character customization content.

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