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1435490cookie-checkGhost Recon: Wildlands Gameplay Video Compiles Footage Of Stealth, Drones, Vehicles

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gameplay Video Compiles Footage Of Stealth, Drones, Vehicles

A video compilation of gameplay for Ghost Recon: Wildlands gives gamers 43 minutes worth of gameplay to scour through. It features some previously released trailers along with what looks like some alpha gameplay footage featuring some of the gadgets and gear that players can utilize throughout the game.

YouTuber PlayStation NoMan’sSky posted up the 43 minute video.

We learn that there are some rebels that can be utilized on the ground for either creating distractions or helping aid in the combat. We also see more of the AI behavior on display – for instance they’ll investigate dead bodies if they’re found nearby or sound an alarm if they hear the gunfire.

We also see some E3 2016 demo footage that I don’t remember ever seeing before. The footage showcases the characters infiltrating a base after using some drones to scout the area. The animations are really shoddy and the lighting shadowing are pretty darn flat.

Nevertheless, the gunplay was far from enticing. Everything felt extremely… flat. There wasn’t much kick and the character reactions while shooting seemed stilted. Post-processing was also less than impressive. The vehicles and surrounding environments also lacked reflective shaders. However, they might implement that closer to release.

Hopefully that E3 demo was an old build and they’ve made more progress since then. The game isn’t looking all too hot and reminds me of an open-world version of Conflict: Global Terror from the PS2 and OG Xbox. A blast from the past courtesy of SpazztasticGamers.

Anyway, I’m hoping that Ghost Recon: Wildlands turns out better than Ubisoft’s last couple of games. It feels like they promise big things and deliver tiny things instead.

We’ll see if they can fix up Wildlands so it looks and plays a lot better than what we see above from the E3 build.

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