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1417150cookie-checkGhostbusters Characters Join Blood Brothers 2 In Light Of Upcoming Movie

Ghostbusters Characters Join Blood Brothers 2 In Light Of Upcoming Movie

Sony is really working hard to spread the Ghostbusters brand to as many properties as possible for the upcoming release of the reboot due out on July 15th.

One of their collaborations is with DeNA West, a mobile publisher for games on the iOS and Android. It was recently announced that a select number of Ghostbusters characters would be leaping from the big screen to the mobile screen starting July 14th, just a day before the Sony Pictures film opens nationwide in theaters.

Mark Caplan, the senior VP of Sony Pictures Consumer Products commented about the crossover, stating in the press release…

“”We’re excited that fans will not only get to see the reimagined Ghostbusters on the big screen, but also call them to battle in the world of Blood Brothers 2,” […] “We’re thrilled to give fans a chance to experience new and old Ghostbusters characters like never before.”

Three of the characters joining the fray will include Slimer, Rowan, and Mayhem. If you were expecting the four female Ghostbusters, well you’re fresh out of luck (or in luck, depending on how you feel about the new characters).

The villains will be part of a series of events and campaign missions spread across the fictional world of Blood Brothers 2’s Arnashia. The first event will run from July 14th to the 21st and will feature villain Galbraith escaping to the Netherworld to unleash undead minions on Arnashia. The second part of the event will include the characters from Ghostbusters, which will run from July 28th up until August 3rd.

The strategy RPG is fairly popular for both iOS and Android devices. The name of the game absolutely throws me off every time I see it because I keep thinking that it’s a sequel to the arcade game, Blood Brothers. For those of you who don’t remember, there’s a video below from YouTuber Chilean Retrogamer.

Unfortunately, Blood Brothers 2 on mobile devices is not that gem above from Tad Corporation.

Anyway, if you want to support Sony Pictures and the upcoming Ghostbusters film due out on July 15th, you can grab the crossover content for Blood Brothers 2 on July 14th. If you would rather play the really awesome Blood Brothers arcade game from back in 1990, feel free to grab the MAME emulator from the official website. It’s well worth your time and if you have a buddy you’ll have a blast playing the arcade game.

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