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1420270cookie-checkGlitched Successfully Raises Funds For Kickstarter Campaign

Glitched Successfully Raises Funds For Kickstarter Campaign

If you are a fan of the Earthbound series (also called Mother) or Undertale, then chances are you might really dig the concept behind Glitched.

Glitched is developed by the indie game team at En House Studios. You can probably tell from the below screenshot that the game has the same aesthetic themes as Earthbound, both graphically and gameplay wise, seeing how its turn-based combat system follows the same art style and layout while also having a fantasy inspired modern day RPG setting.

Glitched features characters and city environments that resembles our own world in real life, however they also have talking anthropomorphic animal creatures, strange forests, monster creatures, and story that is dangerously close to completely tearing down the forth wall. The story takes place in the world of Soren. After a glitch appears in the world, the main character named Gus suddenly becomes aware of the player playing the game.

Glitched 2

Glitched features a special “ESSENCE System”, where the developers say that based on your actions and choices you can shape the story and Gus’ personality in a a variety of different ways, allowing you to talk your way out of battles, spare the life of your enemy, or charge in to kill everything that stands in your path. The ESSENCE System will track it all and help to shape the story. This sounds a bit like the system Telltale uses in their adventure games to track main story events.

Another really cool feature with Glitched is that it doesn’t have random battle encounters or a level up system since it is all story based, so from what it sounds like, you will just have to fight and win battles based on your equipment and the team members you have in your party. The developers released a gameplay teaser trailer to showcase a bit of what Glitched has to offer, so check out the video that I linked down below.


Glitched is currently on Steam Greenlight waiting to receive enough votes to become an official Steam game, so if you are interested you can follow the link to cast your vote. Glitched also started a Kickstarter campaign, and within 24 hours they were able to reach their funding goal of $7,500 USD. Now, En house Studios is using the remaining time to collect money to reach their Stretch goals to add in additional content to the game. Last but not least, you can play the Glitched demo from the developer’s Itch.iO page to test out and play the game for yourself.

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