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God Eater 2 Rage Burst Launches On Steam

God Eater 2 Rage Burst has made its way to Steam for the first time. The PS Vita and PS4 title has been ported over thanks to QLOC. The game sees players leveling up their character, battling giant monsters and unleashing massive attacks against strange enemy forces.

The storyline picks up after God Eater Resurrection, where players join an elite squad known as the God Eater squad. The job is to take down the Aragami. Only after being strung along by shadowy organizations, it turns out that things aren’t quite as it seems and a new plague walks into town called the Black Plague. A separate group from the Fenrir Organization steps in to investigate and things unfold in ways that doesn’t quite turn out so well for everyone.

The game has been described as a mix of Bayonetta meets Monster Hunter. It’s fast, it’s brutal and it requires both timing and reflexes to take down the Aragami. You can see what the gameplay looks like with the trailer below.

The gameplay is a real frenetic experience. You can cut, slash, hack and build up your Rage meter by stacking combos. There are plenty of timers abound to give you something to work towards while also building up the meter and unleashing a devastating attack, complete with a theme song to get you in the mood to kick butt and take names.

One of the other key features in the title is being able to transform the weapon from a melee weapon into a projectile weapon. In the Monster Hunter games you would have to pick and choose what you wanted to use ahead of going into a battle, where-as in this game you can use the transformation to take down bosses depending on how the battle is unfolding.

Ultimately if you want a more anime-oriented version of Monster Hunter with J-Pop characters and a more character-driven storyline, God Eater delivers in spades.

Early reviews for the game have been very positive, and so far a lot of gamers are reporting that the port of God Eater 2 for PC is righteous. Any time the reports are positive about the ports, then you’ve got a winner on your hands. Bandai Namco have so far been knocking out of the park with picking and choosing the right port houses, and they seem to have done it again with God Eater 2. You can grab a digital copy of the title for PC from the Steam store for $49.99.

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