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God Eater 3 Screenshots Reveal Claire Victorious, Nuadha, And More

If you happen to be a fan of screenshots and info, do know that Bandai Namco has released screenshots and information regarding God Eater 3. The latest info drop revolves around the new character Claire Victorious, Nuadha, and the “Dive,” and “Burst Art” mechanics.

Without wasting any time, Claire Victorious is a certified God Eater who happens to specialize in “logistical support” and “medical aid.” Obviously, she will play an important role as a support/healer.

You can check out screenshots of Victorious right here:

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Accompanying the lively support/medic, we can see a gigantic and dangerous looking entity or Aragami that uses its monstrous hands to crush anything. This Aragami goes by the name of Nuadha.

Taking a look away from Victorious and Nuadha, we learn from Bandai Namco that a new action can be performed in God Eater 3 called “Dive.” This new action lets you rush up close to an Aragami or make a quick dash from certain death.

God Eater 3 Dive

On the topic of special moves, we learn that there are special attacks players can perform while in Burst Mode called “Burst Attacks.” These special attacks can be customized into three different moves depending on the positioning of the player, which can take place on the ground, in the air, or while performing a quickstep.

In addition to the above, each Burst Art can be customized with a Burst Art Effect, altering the Burst Art to the player’s preference.

God Eater 3 Burst

Hopefully, Bandai Namco ships out a nice gameplay trailer sometime soon so that we can see a nice healthy amount of in-game footage of God Eater 3. But if I had to take a guess, E3 2018 should put all speculations and wonders about this game to rest when June rolls around.

Finally, God Eater 3 will release worldwide for PS4 and PC. A specific release date has not been announced yet.

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