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1409470cookie-checkGrand Kingdom Online Gains New Trailer While Beta Goes Live

Grand Kingdom Online Gains New Trailer While Beta Goes Live

If you can recall the game Dragon Force from the Sega Saturn and if you liked its mechanics, then you will like Grand Kingdom. Today, NIS America released a new trailer for MonoChrono’s strategy game, announcing that the online beta for the game is now live.

That’s right, Grand Kingdom fans who like battling online in a semi-RTS take-turn style system will be able to put their skills to the test from now all the way up until May 10th. The beta for the game started on the 3rd, and will let those who participated keep some of the content they’ve gained in the beta in the full release.

This was revealed by NIS America on the, detailing the online system. Something worth noting, though you will be able to keep some goods, the online war segment won’t let you keep anything and will reset for the full release.

Peering further into what the game offers during its online beta, players will have access to four characters wielding a specific class. This ranges from the typical Fighter, Medic, Witch and Hunter.

Additionally, folks will gain access to two full quest missions from the single player mode, and will also have access to the three online war battles that take place per day.

If you are really into JRPG-based strategy games, you will definitely  enjoy Grand Kingdom. For those who have never seen the game, or want to check out the latest trailer you can view it below, courtesy of NIS America‘s YouTube channel.

As seen in the video above, players will lead their troops across a tabletop grid until they reach the enemy’s base. Battles will play out similar to those found in older FF games, and if won the player posses that post. To sum that all up, just conquer the land with the most efficient and strategic plans.

Grand Kingdom is slated to come out officially in the west on June 17th, for the PS4 and PS Vita this year. For more information, you can visit

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