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1427070cookie-checkGravity Rush 2 Demo Set To Launch September 21st For PS4

Gravity Rush 2 Demo Set To Launch September 21st For PS4

Sony Interactive and SIE Japan Studio announced some new information regarding Gravity Rush 2. The game is shaping up to be pretty cool, and if you want in on the game early there’s some good news for you. The devs revealed that there will be a Tokyo Game Show 2016 demo for Gravity Rush 2 starting tomorrow.

Flying through the air and dynamically rushing towards your destination between floating cities sounds pretty cool, right? Well, if it does that can all be found in the upcoming demo that Sony Interactive and SIE Japan Studio announced.

That’s right, the demo will be for Gravity Rush 2 and will be playable via PS4. As of course, it won’t run forever like certain trial demos, or other demos back in the day, but it will give you some time to play the game.

Sony Interactive announced this information on the, which the demo will be available for PlayStation Plus members in Japan, and is set to drop on the 21st.

As for run time, the demo will only be available from September 21st to September 25th at 23:59 JST. The total amount of days the demo will be playable stands around four to five days — depending on if you are able to download it on the first day or not.

I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Gravity Rush 2. The game looks pretty cool and holds some interesting designs and concepts. The whole gravity and flying thing looks solid and like it will be a blast to mess around with.

Anyways, Gravity Rush 2 will debut later this year for PS4. Europe is set to get the game on November 30th, while Japan will get the game on December 1st. North America and the UK are set to receive Gravity Rush 2 on December 2nd.

For more information on the playable Japanese demo, you can head on over to the

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