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Grimm: Dark Legacy, Rogue-Lite Hunting Game Lands On Steam

Based on the NBC TV show of the same name, Artplant and GamesCo recently launched Grimm: Dark Legacy onto Steam for $14.99.

The isometric, hack-and-hunt RPG draws direct mythos from the former NBC hit, seeing players take on the legacy of the Grimm hunters, seeking out and killing the dangerous Wesen.

There’s a rogue-lite element to the game, similar to the likes of Don’t Starve, with players having to scavenge for supplies, battle against wild animals and beasts of the forests, as well as take on the legendary monsters from the Grimm journals.

It’s a little like one-part Don’t Starve fused with a little bit of Diablo and a good side-order of The Witcher.

You can see what the game looks like in action with the cool launch trailer below.

It’s also pretty cool because you can create your own character, male or female, and send them on their way. Additionally, you can recruit some help to kill monsters, craft potions and survive in the wilderness by having a friend tag along with you for some cooperative romping. In actuality, you can have up to three friends join you, creating a guild of Grimm to hunt and fight monsters. You’ll be able to go around and sing tales of your feats like Beowulf.

Reviews for the game are positive so far and the online co-op, the cool storybook art-style and isometric gameplay have lended themselves well to Grimm’s affability.

The RPG mechanics mean that you can play for a while and scale your stats, and the deep crafting and item scavenging will give you some loot and grind gameplay to keep you drawn in.

If you want to learn more about Grimm: Dark Legacy, feel free to check out the official website. If you want to add the game to your library, be sure to visit the Steam store page. Also, quick heads-up that the game is online only right now, but the developers have plans on implementing an offline mode soon.

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