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Guardians Of The Galaxy: Telltale Series Episode 2 Walkthrough And Choices

The latest episode for Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series is upon us and that means a bunch of gamers are going to be curious about different routes, choices, and decisions that they’ll need to make throughout the Episode 2: Under Pressure. For gamers looking for a few of the choice options and a guide for the playthrough of Telltale’s latest outing, hopefully this article will help.

You can check out the four video playlist featuring Episode 2: Under Pressure courtesy of MKIceandFire.

After the recap of Star Lord getting stabbed and revived by the Eternity Forge, the game picks up with the crew back on the ship after Drax or Gamora saved Peter from Hala.

Peter wakes up from the dead and the Guardians are ready to kill him. You’ll be able to convince the other crew by choosing to dance for them.

Before the crew can get their bearings after Peter explains that the Forge requires a sacrifice. You’ll have to dodge some rockets and attempt to make an escape from Hala.

Peter and the gang will make the trip to the Neon District to visit Yondu. During the conversation another flashback will commence where Peter and his mom will have a conversation about the stars.


You can choose to look up at the stars with your mom or decline it.

Discuss the different constellations with Peter’s mom until Peter points out the Eternity Forge in the sky.

After the sequence Rocket will ask Peter for a request… to go to the Halfworld to see if they can recover or make someone close to him “un-gone”. Players will have to make a tough choice between going after Nebula or going to Halfworld to help Rocket.

Players will have another opportunity to either uphold the promise to Rocket or follow Gamora and go after Nebula.

Before heading out you can talk to the rest of the Guardians on the ship. If you break the promise to Rocket and attempt to talk to him again, he will walk off being rather angry at Peter.

You can also talk to Drax to help him find a new purpose. If you didn’t choose to bring Drax with you on the ship to fight Hala, he will mention that he believes he’s useless. You can suggest for Drax to either talk to Gamora, Rocket or Groot to help him regain his focus.

You can contact the Nova Corps and warn them about Nebula’s attacks.

When you prepare to depart it turns out that Rocket will take one of Yondu’s ships and depart for Halfworld. You will have yet another choice in either going after Rocket or going to stop Nebula.

The Nova Corps will attempt to destroy Nebula. You’ll need to convince them not to shoot Nebula, if it doesn’t work you’ll have to stun them and then go after Nebula.

Shoot Nebula’s ship, capture here and then proceed to go after Rocket and the Eternity Forge.

At Halfworld, Peter will head to the abandoned lab to find Rocket and the Eternity Forge.

Peter will take a look into Rocket’s past where he’ll discover that Rocket was in a lab with an otter named Lylla.

You’ll need to go through a series of context sensitive button combination segments.

After finishing the device you can either encourage Lylla to get out or tell her that they have plans on terminating her.

During the flashback Lylla will tell Rocket to escape; there will be a choice to either run out alone or attempt to carry Lylla out. It’s actually possible to carry Lylla out of the lab.

There will be another pivotal moment where you can have Peter either give Rocket a moment or help him bury Lylla. If you help him bury Lylla he will remember that.

Have Gamora leave the room and then ask Nebula about the device. She’ll give you the translation device.

When the crew decides to return to the temple Peter will be forced to choose to have either Gamora or Drax stay behind to guard Nebula. If you have Gamora stay behind to reconnect with Nebula, Drax will feel you’re abandoning him and that he has no purpose.

You can talk to Drax and explain to him why you chose Gamora to stay behind and brought Drax on the mission.

If you examine the footprints you can see a hologram of Hala activating something at the rocks where the Eternity Forge was.

Before you can activate the door, check each of the footprints and the holograms. You’ll need to see the hologram that shows Hala going to the second level where the statues are – use Star-Lord’s jump-jets to flip up and scan the area.

Press the button on the top of the statue’s head. Examine the statue on the opposite side. Have Drax press the button on the opposite side.

When they get back on the ship Peter will talk to Rocket, who has an emotional breakdown over losing Lylla. You will have the choice of either telling Rocket to keep the computer or let it go.

Additionally, you’ll be able to choose to let Nebula free to help you fight the Kree or to keep her locked up. If you choose to let Nebula free, she will remember that gesture.


A series of action events will take place including Gamora fighting Kree and Rocket rigging together an explosive to stop another Kree who ambushes them.

There’s a completely alternate playthrough from RabidRetrospectGames who makes a few different choices, including fighting with Nebula. You can see what that ends up like with the video below.

If you chose to help Rocket throughout the episodes and strengthened your bond with him, you’ll get a slightly alternate ending to Episode 2: Under Pressure, where Rocket and Peter will have a moment before Peter and Gamora head into the floating asteroid.

You can see what the alternate endings are like with the video below.

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