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1431830cookie-checkGuild Quest, Strategy Clicker Enters Steam’s Coming Soon Page

Guild Quest, Strategy Clicker Enters Steam’s Coming Soon Page

It could be a short or very long time before Hyper Hippo Games’ Guild Quest releases on Steam Early Access. However, there is a playable version of the game that accompanies its latest entry on Steam’s Coming Soon page, which makes it help ease the wait time for fans. Guild Quest is currently set to release for PC via Steam Early Access.

If you are not into clicker games, or strategy buildup titles, it’s safe to say that Guild Quest is not for you. But if you are into the aforesaid, this game might be something worth checking out when it drops. The official description sits below.

“You’ve just bought yourself a new island and it’s time to fill it up with QUESTS! Build out and upgrade your Guildhall, train Guildians in specific classes, and unleash them onto your own custom quest lines.”

After picking the type of quests you want, you will be rewarded you with special loot upon completion. This spans across you taking it slow and safe and creating a bunch of Exploration quests, or indulging in battles with high stakes to get better rewards.

You can also build battle quests and train up your Guildians to overcome any challenges presented to get special prizes. This includes collecting cards and equipping them in your Card Castle to gain a permanent boost

If you aren’t into strategy/simulation games looking their finest, but seek to immerse yourself in another world you’ll find just that in Guild Quest. With that said some gameplay footage of Guild Quest by Robert Penfiftygi can be seen below, due to the devs not posting up an official trailer that is usable.

If you want to form your own opinion on the game a playable build is up over on Kongregate. This allows you to test the game before purchasing it on Steam when it comes out, which is a good thing for fans who are on the fence with Guild Quest.

Guild Quest is set to be for PC via Steam Early Access sometime soon. For more information on the devs and their other games you can hit up There’s also a related article discussing the health benefits of playing video games over on Positive Health Wellness.

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