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1426440cookie-checkGunnihilation Features 4-Player Co-op With Contra-Style Gameplay

Gunnihilation Features 4-Player Co-op With Contra-Style Gameplay

Robo Pixel Games recently sent out word that their game Gunnihilationwill be entering into Steam’s Early Access on September 14th, tomorrow.

The game features four-player cooperative gameplay, themed after other popular side-scrolling games like Contra and Metal Slug, as well as classics like Smash TV. To get an idea of what Robo Pixel is going for, they released a trailer for Gunnihilation that you can check out below.

As the trailer reveals, Gunnihilation is a fast-paced, no-holds-barred, bodycount extravaganza. The game features non-stop action as up to four players will kill, kill and kill some more, racking up a visible bodycount that stacks up in the background of the stage.

Gunnihilation mixes in challenging platforming with bullet hell-esque gameplay, forcing players to have to shoot, dodge, adapt, die and try again until they succeed.

The action on-screen is unbelievably explosive. There are pixel gibs flying everywhere at almost all times, with playings having a bevy of weapons at their disposal to take out hordes of enemies. Heck, there’s even melee weapons for those times when it’s necessary to get up close and personal.

Gunnihilation also includes a level creator that you can use to make your very own challenging stages for you and your friends. They don’t show much of the level creation system, but I do wonder if players will be able to make multi-screen levels that allow for traversal or if it’s going to be limited to a single-screen affair? I sure do hope it’s the former, but we’ll find out soon enough once the game heads into Early Access.

The local co-op should help extend the replayability and the bullet-hell aspects should definitely provide the right amount of challenge to keep gamers glued to the screen. You’ll be able to get your hands on the game tomorrow on September 14th.

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