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1420370cookie-checkGuts And Glory: A 3D Version Of Happy Wheels Seeks Greenlight Approval

Guts And Glory: A 3D Version Of Happy Wheels Seeks Greenlight Approval

If you are into epic dad simulators, Guts And Glory might be right up your alley, in this extreme obstacle course survival game created by the developers at HakJak Games, that takes the Happy Wheels game concept and puts it into a gruesome 3D world.

From the first screenshots and videos you see of Guts And Glory, you will instantly see the connection to Happy Wheels. A dad on his manly bike, his small child on the back seat, and a deadly obstacle course in front of them filled with projectiles, saws, grinding gears, and other deadly traps waiting to cut you and your child to pieces. The objective is to run the gauntlet and attempt to survive and reach the end without dying. Why? For Guts And Glory, That’s why!

Guts and glory2

However, You won’t be limited to just being on the bike though, the developers are planning to have at least ten different vehicles for you to operate, including cars and four wheel ATV quad bikes. The game will be fully physics based, so that vehicles dent, parts can fly off, body parts can get severed and ripped off, and blood, guts and vehicle parts will fly in every direction as you collide with the deadly obstacles that stand in your way and rip you to shreds. Furthermore, a track maker is being planned for the future so that players can create and share their own custom made levels.

The developer was afraid the game would be rejected by the community after a few players said they didn’t like the child violence, as a result, they were going to remove the child from the back of the bike. Guts And Glory started off as a Steam Greenlight concept, and after several players showed interest in it, the developers moved on to adding in more content, leaving the original violence and gore intact, and submitted their game to Steam Greenlight to showcase their game, where it seems to be receiving mostly positive feedback.

The developers and YouTuber AbsolutePixel, have released several gameplay trailer clips showing off what the game is like,  so you can take a look at the videos that I linked down below to see Guts And Glory in action.

There are more gameplay videos as well as a free Pre-Alpha demo that you can download on the Steam Greenlight page, so if you are interested in learning more about the game you can follow the link to cast your vote and find additional details about Guts And Glory. Furthermore, you can check out the official Guts And Glory website for more information.

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