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Halo Online ElDewrito 0.6 Download Now Available

If you don’t know, ElDewrito is a community-made project for Halo Online, standing as a PC mod that allows multiplayer games to be played on player-hosted servers. As it stands now, ElDewrito 0.6 is currently available to download for PC.

Halo Online ElDewrito 0.6 Download Portals

You can head on over to the index/download page on or visit You can also use one of the following download links, too:

A short video download guide by Torogadude should help you if you are having problems.

What is Halo ElDewrito 0.6?

Well, ElDewrito is a community-made PC mod for Halo Online, which was a Halo 3 derived free-to-play online FPS that didn’t get past closed beta testing in Russia. However, the core design tenets of the failed MOFPS is currently available as ElDewrito 0.6.

ElDewrito allows multiplayer games to be played on player-hosted servers and is said to restore removed features, fix bugs and glitches, and offers full-on mod support.

Multiple server browsers is a thing, player and emblem customization is said to work, stat tracking is functional, and ranked and social servers — as well as an in-beta ranking system — is in the game.

How Does Halo ElDewrito 0.6 Look?

You can check out the official release trailer for ElDewrito right here, showing various things in version 0.6.

ElDewrito 0.6 Forge

A video by Forge Labs takes a look at ElDewrito 0.6 Forge.

ElDewrito 0.6 Improvements

Gameplay improvements:

  • Dual wielding!
  • Equipment!
  • Input system rewrite
  • Fixed bindings sometimes getting wiped on start or not saving in some circumstances
  • Fixed controller users being unable to exit vehicle passenger seats
  • Fixed some issues with Halo 3 menu input
  • Fully configurable controller settings
  • Input.ControllerPort command to change which controller is used by the game
  • Players can now switch teams in the lobby using Q and E on the keyboard
  • Spectating other players after death
  • Sprint and assassinations are disabled by default

Network Improvements:

  • Official Ranked & Social Servers
  • Official servers will play playlists like what was on Halo 3’s playlists.
  • Official servers will be marked by a verified icon through the default and halostats browser.
  • Player stats can be viewed in-game (optional)
  • Global & Per-Playlist Leaderboards (Is subject to change)
  • All custom games will have their stats saved and be viewable.
  • Added UPnP support. No more port forwarding unless your router doesn’t support UPnP!
  • Dedicated servers with automatic map voting
  • Server browsers can now tell if the client is trying to connect to a server and will be notified if the connection fails.

Lastly, ElDewrito 0.6 is only available to play on PC, which more information on the project can be found over on

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