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1424120cookie-checkHalo Wars 2 Gameplay Trailer Previews Campaign And Multiplayer

Halo Wars 2 Gameplay Trailer Previews Campaign And Multiplayer

During the festivities of gorging on media content from your favorite developers and publishers while GamesCom was going on, you might have missed out on some new gameplay footage for Halo Wars 2.

Three and a half minutes worth of campaign and multiplayer content was made available to the general public, allowing gamers to get a good look at the upcoming real-time strategy title from Microsoft and Creative Assembly. You can check out the gameplay trailer below, courtesy of YouTube outlet

The video starts with a small troop on the ground taking on the Covenant forces. They’re then aided by two Scorpions who blow open a path through some debris, raining down the wrath of hellfire against anything in their path.

The small group eventually takes over a power node, using it to turn on one of the energy bridges to get to the other side of the map.

The video picks up pace when we see a group of Hunters join the fray, and even though it would seem like the Scorpions could make quick work of them that actually doesn’t happen at all. All-out chaos breaks loose and an intense brawl ensues. Sadly we don’t get to see how that fight ends because the video clicks off to another segment.

Eventually the UNSC forces proceed to take over a base, building up their own forces in the process. Here we get a brief look at some of the structures that can be built, along with some of the buffs that come along with them.

The Banished Covenant forces are no pushover, but the video is designed to give gamers a look at how the UNSC forces can curb stomp enemy forces using units tactically and proficiently.

Near the end of the video the multiplayer segments come into play, where we see massive forces moving along the map ridges toward the center of combat, providing plenty of hard-hitting, explosive action along the way.

Halo Wars 2 is due for release on PC and Xbox One starting February 21st, 2017.

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