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Heart And Slash: 3D Action Game Set To Launch On Consoles In June And PC In August

Developer Aheartfulofgames and publisher BadLand Games plan on bringing their 3D action game Heart&Slash to PS4 and Xbox One in June of this year. As for PC, the game is currently playable via Steam Early Access, and will launch officially two months from now in August.

The 3D brawler that goes by the name Heart&Slash will launch on June 24th for consoles, and sometime in August for PC. Although the PC version is currently available through Steam Early Access, it was put through Early Access to gather “as much feedback” as possible so that the full release will be a better game in the end. This was confirmed by creative director Juan Raigada:

“While we kickstarted the game, and had enough funding to see it through completion, we reached a stage in the development of Heart&Slash where we felt the need to gather as much feedback as possible to make the best game we could.”

Assuming the role as a manufactured robot named Heart who stands against the minions of standardization, players will use weapons and its fist to drive away any foe it faces. Tagging along with Heart is Slash who acts as a rough veteran of the dystopian world of the game. The former will try to woo Slash with its moves during a number of quest, which in the end will define if the two form a relationship at the end of the game.

In addition to the above, the player will be exposed to several opportunities to show off Heart’s moves to Slash. This leads to players opting if Heart lives independently, or finding a balance that will allow the relationship to thrive.

It’s safe to say that this game is strange, but I think that’s what works for it and adds to its quirky premise. If you haven’t seen the game before and wish to get a nice peek at Aheartfulofgames’ work you can check out the official trailer below.

As of now, the game features 75 different weapons and 60 body parts to choose from that alter the way the game plays out. Moreover, manipulations like teleporting, freezing time, wall jumping and flying can all be found during the campaign of Heart&Slash, which also adds to the game’s humorous tone.

Furthermore, permadeath is a real thing in this game meaning that it won’t be easy to play when you die. Adding on to the difficulty, levels, weapons and other content within stages will also randomize on death, so it’s important not to die if you want a smooth run through stages.

Ultimately, the game has players adapting to what is thrown at them instead of players learning a stage or routine, but the core mechanism of specific scenarios and enemies. Heart&Slash will be available for PS4 and Xbox One on June 24th, which is followed by an official PC release sometime during August.

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