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Hearthstone: Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan Launches December 1st

Hearthstone fans looking for the next big expansion to drop won’t have to wait long. In fact, the new expansion is set to arrive later this week on December 1st for eager PC gamers looking to expand on their experience and tactics in Blizzard’s free-to-play CCG.

Mashable did a quick write-up about the new expansion launching on December 1st after it was revealed during a live Twitch stream, which was an hour and a half featuring one of the lead developers working on Hearthstone. You can check it out below.

Previously, Blizzard had mentioned back during this year’s BlizzCon that the new Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan would be launching soon in December, but gamers had no idea how soon “soon” really was. Well, now you know.

There will be 132 new cards introduced into Hearthstone. The majority of the excitement is centered around the new tri-class cards, which can be played by any class no matter what. This will add a whole new dynamic to the way cards are played and the board is handled in the upcoming expansion.

As revealed in the stream, the expansion centers around the three crime families of Gadgetzan. There’s the Kabal family, consisting mostly of mages, priests and warlocks; the Jade Lotus family who are composed of druids, rogues and shamans; and the Grimy Goons who are made up of warriors, hunters and paladins. Each set of families will have their own designated group of cards, as well as access to the new tri-class cards that can be used and played no matter which family you choose to play as.

The new update for Hearthstone will be available at the fixed price of $50. So if you fancy upgrading the game with the new content, you can do so starting later this week, or pre-purchase the expansion from Blizzard’s official website.

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