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1435790cookie-checkHeavy Gear Assault Coming To Steam Early Access December 15th

Heavy Gear Assault Coming To Steam Early Access December 15th

I love mech or mecha games, and oftentimes when a decent enough mech game gears up to hit a platform, I’ll take notice to the game. In this case we have publisher Stompy Bot Productions and developer MekTek Studios getting ready to release Heavy Gear Assault for PC via Steam Early Access on December 15th.

A new mech game that’s said to be “unforgiving” will release tomorrow as of this writing for PC via Steam Early Access. The game looks interesting, but at the same time there looks to be some unpolished stuff floating about. Before jumping into the game’s mechanics and story you can read the description below.

“The world of Heavy Gear Assault is unforgiving — but so is your lust for glory. As a pilot on the distant planet Terra Nova, you play the high-stakes game of competitive Gear Dueling. Earn fame and fortune by making a name for yourself on the arena floor.

The world of Heavy Gear Assault is set in a realm of an armored lust for glory. These dark machinist, or pilots, fight for dominance inside machines named Gears on a far planet named Terra Nova. The high-stakes pay well for dueling and the consequence for losing is death, which will not crown the loser any fame on or outside the arena floor.


The game provides players with the option to customize their Gears to stand out, as well as the option to manage your sponsors, hire support staff and fine-tune your Gear’s performance through Gear Bay stations.

The official Steam Early Access trailer is up for you to watch that shows gameplay, which is accompanied by another gameplay video showing gunplay and missiles at work.

The animations and graphics look like they need some help in certain areas, but we’ll have to wait and see how the actual gameplay or mechanics are on release, because that is what will really define the quality of this particular mech game.

If Heavy Gear Assault is something worth keeping an eye on or purchasing it is set to release on December 15th, and will be for PC via Steam Early Access. For more information on this game you can hit up

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