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1427820cookie-checkHellenica: Greek Style Strategy RPG Awaits Greenlight Approval

Hellenica: Greek Style Strategy RPG Awaits Greenlight Approval

I think its quite obvious from the concept art that someone was inspired quite a bit by Princess Mononoke’s character design. Developers The Dragonloft are the team behind Hellenica, which is a new tactical strategy game that has a similar gameplay concept to Final Fantasy Tactics.

The story for Hellenica takes place in an ancient Greece setting, however it is also combined with an industrial Steampunk setting to make the world feel more unique. Another cool feature is that the actual story will not be set in stone based off of historical events, instead your actions will shape the story and will create a branching narrative so that the story will be more open. Based on the choices you make will determine the enemies you will face and the allies you will meet.


The developers also say that they have custom dialogue that will adjust based on past actions you made in the game so that your actions will feel like they actually matter and NPCs will acknowledge them. That looks like some Telltale style storytelling there, and that´s never a bad thing.

The art style for Hellenica follows a retro pixel art design, but it also has high quality character portraits and background designs. The developers released a gameplay trailer to show off Hellenica, so take a look at the trailer I linked down below.

Hellenica is currently on Steam Greenlight and is looking for the community to vote them through to become an official Steam game, so if you are interested in supporting them you can visit the provided link up above to cast your vote.

For additional details about the game and developers, you can also visit the official Dragonloft website for more information. If everything goes according to plan, Hellenica is scheduled to release this coming Winter of 2016, so keep your eye out for when this game launches.

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