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1429780cookie-checkHellion, Space Game Pays Homage To Half-life With Crowbar Update

Hellion, Space Game Pays Homage To Half-life With Crowbar Update

Zero Gravity Games recently took a weapon melee poll for their space sim game, Hellion, and the final vote that came in for what melee weapon should be in the game was none other than the crowbar. As of the moment the space game currently has no release date, but will be available for PC.

Hellion first made its appearance on Steam Greenlight a while back, but Zero Gravity Games seeks to keep their backers and fans updated with the progress of Hellion with monthly blogs and videos. Recently the devs posted up two update blogs and videos showing the most voted for melee weapon, and how cargo doors will operate.

I know that watching cargo doors open seems like a waste, but the devs explain some interesting things about the cargo bay. But before explaining anything about doors opening, let’s look at the new weapon that pays homage to Half-Life, which was voted for by the fans supporting Hellion.

I know that the video was short, but it’s nice to see that the devs are listening to their fans and taking polls to better shape the game with helpful content. The reason I say that the crowbar is useful is that ammo and resources have to be manually made or scavenged in this game. So it would be wiser to use something like the crowbar to open crates and other locked things instead of wasting ammo and resources trying to open smaller stuff.

This now brings us to the cargo bay and doors opening. The cargo bay is used for storing ships, and keeping resources and refining them. The module is quite big, but the importance of a door in a space game like this is that things can get sucked out into space or float away if you are not careful and do not close things — like doors.

The devs also explain more about cargo bays, as seen below.

“The other very important feature of the cargo hold is its built-in refinery system. It allows players to process raw resources into usable materials such as fuel and air. Without the ability to refine resources the players have to rely on salvage in order to obtain things necessary for survival. Keep in mind that simply finding and attaching this module will not be enough, unless you pair it with a full Power Supply Module as the refinery drains a lot of power when running.”

As of now the indie game is shaping up nicely, and to be a product of Greenlight I’m actually impressed by the amount of detail that is going into the project known as Hellion. You can watch the developer test build video showing a door working in the cargo bay below.

If you want more information on this game you can head on over to to read the most recent updates that the devs published. But, for those who don’t know what the devs have accomplished so far with the indie game, I’ll leave you with a pre-alpha gameplay video showing multiplayer, mining and base-building.

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