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Destiny: Rise Of Iron Exploit Lets You Farm Exotics Faster And Get Higher Light Level

I wouldn’t say that this new looting method is a glitch but more of an exploit in Destiny: Rise of Iron. The new exploit in the game consists of using Three of Coins and killing two Revenant of Felwinters, and then dying to the third in Site 6.

The latest glitch or exploit, or whatever you’d like to call it, will most likely get patched soon, so I suggest that you move fast in participating in it. I say this because another glitch dealing with looting rare stuff in the past got patched less than 24 hours — so in other words don’t mess with Bungie’s grind mechanics, or they will make you grind harder.

But, while folks have the time now to exploit Site 6 and get good loot from the Revenant of Felwinters, you will need to hurry and take as many Three of Coins with you to get non-stop loot from the new farming location.

The first step in all of this is very simple, go to the Iron Tomb on Earth and you should spawn at the Lord’s Watch in Old Russia. Head to the Darkness zone, which is better known as Site 6, and you will be met with the Revenant of Felwinters.

Make sure to bring a bundle of Three of Coins and some friends to speed through the farming process. After popping some coins and killing two of the three Revenant of Felwinters, head to the third one and die to it.

From here just rinse and repeat the process. Once you are done laughing all the way to the bank, you can do whatever you want with your new exotics. This includes increasing your Light Level, or arming your self with better weapons/gear.

A short video guide by YouTuber WoodsGaming has a full tutorial that covers the glitch or exploit. You can watch the four minute long video below.

Seeing how this might affect Bungie’s grind mechanics for the worst, and help players out, I suggest that Guardians in search of getting sweet loot should check this out, unless there’s a better location to do this.

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