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Here’s How To Get All Of Shiren The Wanderer’s Trophies

Noted to come out on July 26th, Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate’s trophies are up thanks to PSNProfiles. In this guide, folks will learn how to get all 55 trophies that are separated into bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

There are a lot of trophies in this game, but they can be obtained by playing through and following the instructions below.

Before jumping into the trophy list, and for those who don’t know, Shiren the Wanderer is a newer version of the Nintendo DS iteration back from 2008. Keeping the story short, this game is basically a remake of a remake. Now that you know some of the history behind this title, you can go on your trophy hunting spree thanks to PSNProfiles.

Bronze Trophies:

  • You Felt Lucky, Punk: Get the multiplier of a Sweet-Nut monster to 1024x
  • Warning Valley Voyager: Conquer Warning Valley
  • Unlucky: You were defeated by an alley
  • Unidentified Object: Defeat FO-Uβ with direct attacks
  • Underground Manor Victor: Beat all of the Underground Manor
  • Tomorrow is Another Day: Consume a Super Unlucky Seed
  • Talismaniac: Unlock all talismans in the Item Book
  • Statue Cave Subduer: Conquer the Statue Cave
  • Staff Affection: Unlock all staves in the Item Book
  • Shiren Shiren Evolution: You have awakened and become Super Shiren
  • Shield Stocker: You unlocked all shields in the Item Book
  • Shatter: You tripped and broke a pot
  • Reeva Statue Defeated: Beat the Reeva Statue
  • Pot, Where art Thou?: Throw a Synthesis Pot with a specific bracelet equipped
  • Pot Procurer: Unlock all pots in the Item Book
  • Pitfall of Life Voyager: Conquer the Pitfall of Life
  • Passerby of Gen’s Turf: Conquer Gen’s Turf
  • Overstayed Your Welcome: Return to the village by a gust
  • Onigiri Hollow Journeyer: Conquer Onigiri Hollow
  • Old Road Traveler: Conquer Old Road
  • Night Master: Learn all abilities
  • Monster HOUUUUUUSE!: Get thrown into a monster house
  • Mineralogist: Unlock all rocks in the Item Book
  • Lost Well Spelunker: Conquer the Lost Well
  • Lesson Learned: Throw a shield or sword at a sleeping Mixer monster
  • Larcenous Tendencies: Successfully steal an item
  • Keep Calm and Carry On: Get Knocked Out (KO) at Level 1
  • Hunter Pond Traverser: Conquer Hunter Pond
  • Heavenly Lake Wayfarer: Conquer Heavenly Lake
  • Grilled to Perfection!: Grill an onigiri
  • Grazer: Unlock all grass in the Item Book
  • Gourmand: Unlock all onigiri and peaches in the Item Book
  • Gitan Leverages Everything Around Me: Fill the bank with your Gitan
  • First Step: Visit Nekomaneki Village
  • First Responder: Successfully rescue someone
  • Explosion Rocks Conqueror: Beat all parts of Explosion Rocks
  • Expired: Let a peach rot
  • Dreams Come True: Gather all Lucky Cats while getting a wish granted
  • Dice Bag: Collect three Dice of Fate
  • Determined Researcher: Unlock all scrolls in the Item Book
  • Demon Hunter: Defeat a Maneater
  • Caught Red-Handed: Fail stealing something
  • Bizarre Tower Ascender: Conquer the Bizarre Tower
  • Arrow Accumulator: Unlock all arrows in the Item Book
  • Arm Amasser: Unlock all weapons in the Item Book
  • Armband Aggregator: Unlock all bracelets in the Item Book.

Silver Trophies:

  • Tower of Fortune Passport Stamp: Conquer the Tower of Fortune
  • Shiren, Monster Professor: Fill every entry in the Monster Book
  • Inori Cave Tourist: Conquer Inori Cave
  • Great Reeva Statue Crushed: Defeat the Great Reeva Statue
  • Destiny’s Descender: Conquer Destiny’s Descent
  • Defeat Gendolucika: Beat Gendolucika.

Gold Trophies:

  • True Shiren Fan: Fill every entry in the Item Book
  • Primordial Chasm Visitor: Conquer the Primordial Chasm.

Platinum Trophy:

  • Wanderer: Unlock all trophies.

As noted above, Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate will be available July 26th, for PS Vita.

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