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How To Craft In RogueLands Version 1.0 Update

Developer and publisher SmashGames recently updated the sidescrolling 2D RPG, RogueLands, to version 1.0. The update brings a lot of new content, which also attracts new players to the PC game. In this guide folks will learn how to craft essential items, and learn what RogueLands version 1.0 has in store.

RogueLands looks very simple in concept but can be very hard. With that said, new players are most likely going to join after its most biggest 1.0 update and will want to learn how to do some of the basic stuff in the game. If you are curious how to craft health potions, swords and other goods you can skip the V1.0 overview below. But if you are curious and want to watch the video, YouTuber Unlimited Ammo has an overview of what V1.0 has in store.

Boiling it down to the basics, health potions are used a lot when playing through an RPG. Thanks to REinstein you can watch how to make a health potion, which consists of going to your Alchemy Station, getting¬† a Tasty Herb and puttying it in the first slot, a Creature’s Eyeball in the second, a Flutterfly in the third slot, and repeatedly tapping on the glowing button in the bottom right corner until you are granted with the health potion.

To craft one of the early swords in the game, the Aetherblade sword, you will need to go to the Gear Forge and put a Planet Emblem in the first slot, a Herb Emblem in the second, the Eyeball Emblem in the third and keep tapping the forge button until it’s crafted.

To make the next and last weapon in this guide, you will need to get some Orichalcum in the first slot, a Beetle Emblem in the second slot (or you’ll get a Colossus blade if you use the video’s instructions), and then a Claw Emblem to make the DoomGuard sword.

For more information on this game, you can either head to its community-based Wikia to learn how to do and create stuff, or you can get the Roguelands game over on Steam for $9.99.

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