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1427780cookie-checkHeroes & Generals Exits Early Access And Gains Thousands Of New Players

Heroes & Generals Exits Early Access And Gains Thousands Of New Players

Reto-Moto recently brought Heroes & Generals out of Early Access, launching the game in full as a free-to-play title either through the browser or through the Steam client. According to Steam Spy, the exit from Early Access resulted in more than 100,000 new players joining the game to see what the free-to-play, World War II RTS-FPS hybrid is all about.

The company announced that after spending a couple of years in Early Access, gaining feedback, listening to users, learning more about the playing habits and the things they needed to fix and add in Heroes & Generals, they eventually felt comfortable enough to leave Early Access behind and put the full product out on the Steam store.

Jacob Andersen, the game director at Reto-Moto, explained how they wanted to refine the game to tackle two different tiers of social interactivity within the world of interactive entertainment, combining the likes of real-time strategy as a general with boots-on-the-ground gameplay from a typical first-person shooter, mentioning in the press release…

“One of the most unique features of Heroes & Generals is that you play together with thousands of other players in a big online war, and that everything you do in the individual battles influences the outcome of this war. Yet, you still have the close teamwork in the ground combat – elements that encourage players to be social, organize themselves and make friends within the community,”

The game is obviously doing something right, as more than 100,000 new players picked up a copy after it went live and graduated from Early Access.


One Angry Gamer’s own Nick didn’t quite fall entirely in love with the game, doing an updated review of the title and still finding some faults with the way the game played out and some of the optimization features.

Even still, it can’t be denied that a lot of people love the game and its concept of allowing players to take control of generals and command squads from a war map, while also being able to dip down into the game itself and control the action by playing in real time.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can head to the official website. Alternatively, you can grab a copy of the game for free from either the web browser or from the Steam client.

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