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Hitman: Definitive Edition For PS4, Xbox One Will Be Published By Warner Bros

IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment recently announced a publishing partnership for the upcoming release of Hitman: Definitive Edition. This is a compilation pack based on all of the previously released episodes and DLC for the initial 2016 outing that will be made available for PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X gamers via retail starting May 15th next month.

Both groups announced their excitement for working together in the press release, and that despite the definitive edition supposedly containing all of the previously released content, there is still some content left off the disc. Yes, you will need 12-24GB of free space on your hard drive for additional download space for content, even if you decide to buy the physical rendition of Hitman.

The Hitman: Definitive Edition comes with a number of new features, though. Many of IO Interactive’s past games will receive a slight head-nod in the form of costumes being added to the fray, including disguises based on Kane & Lynch, Mini Ninjas and Freedom Fighters, all included as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of IO Interactive.

Hitman - Bodies

Additionally, there will be four extra missions, three unique weapons to unlock, ICA bonus missions in Sapienza and Marrakesh, a Hitman: Blood Money Requiem pack that contains an ICA chrome pistol and a Requiem Suit, and all of the previously released contracts, escalation, and challenge pack content.

It doesn’t sound like this is a long term deal, but rather something that IO and Warner Bros., cooked up for the time being in order to distribute the physical release of Hitman: Definitive Edition.

It still remains to be seen if IO will continue producing episodic content for the game, or if they will go back to making a traditional release that features all of the content in one go. Keep in mind that it was the episodic approach that ended up tanking IO’s relationship with Square Enix. So would they really try that again? Or would they attempt to go back to the old formula that made them famous in the first place?

Either way, you can look for the Hitman: Definitive Edition to launch for PS4 and Xbox One starting May 15th.

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