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Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh A Gilded Cage Now Available

IO Interactive and Square Enix have proudly announced that the third episode in the ongoing Hitman reboot saga has officially launched. They just have three more episodes to go before the whole thing is complete.

To commemorate the launch of the third episode of Hitman, they released a launch trailer giving gamers a small idea of who it is they will be targeting and how it’s all going to play out involving a small uprising, a military bunker, a Swedish consulate and a bustling marketplace. Check out the trailer below.

Agent 47 is rocking some high-class tourist clothes in this episode, with the creame suit and the tie-less shirt. It’s yet another departure from his signature red-tie, white shirt and black suit getup that he’s been wearing in the previous entries. IO Interactive also mixed it up a bit when Agent 47 dropped into the fictional Italian town of Sapienza wearing a t-shirt and casual slacks.

As for the launch trailer… we get a few glimpses of the new Marrakesh location, which looks rather large from the zoomed out shot. We see the canopy of market stalls, lots of rooftops in which to snipe from, and a brief glimpse at the glass-encased consulate.

The trailer hints at having many different layers where players can move in and out of to get around the city and execute their targets. We see bunkers, we see alleyways, we see corridors and we see rooftops. You won’t be left wanting for options when it comes to the Marrakesh stage.

Players will have two targets they must assassinate, both of which are heavily guarded. There’s the banker in the consulate, and a general in a military bunker. Both of them have armed forces watching their every move, so planning to take them out will require some creative thinking.

You can pick up a digital copy of the third episode of Hitman, entitled “A Gilded Cage”, by grabbing Marrakesh for only $9.99 on the Xbox One, PS4 or PC.

For more information on the multi-episode stealth game, feel free to visit the official website.

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