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1435930cookie-checkHiveswap: Highly Anticipated Homestuck Adventure Game Coming In 2017

Hiveswap: Highly Anticipated Homestuck Adventure Game Coming In 2017

The creator of the long running webcomic Homestuck, Andrew Hussie, has been hard at work creating an adventure video game based on the popular webcomic series, titled Hiveswap.

At first glance it looked like Hiveswap has been in development hell for the past few years, since it first started development back in 2013, with an expected release date of 2014. But when it comes to indie game development, nothing ever goes as planned.

Andrew Hussie created a Kickstarter Campaign for Hiveswap requesting $700,000 to help make the game a reality. They earned their goal within a matter of 24 hours, and went on to earn a grand total of a whopping $2,485,506 USD, that included additional stretch goals and features.

Now, finally coming in 2017, the first part for Hiveswap in a four chapter story-arc, will finally make it into the hands of all the backers and fans of the series to become an actual playable game.


The story follows the young teen named Joey Claire, who is taken on a grand adventure to a far away planet… to… dance battle? I’m not entirely sure because the rest of the plot is a bit vague, but the art and animation is where Hiveswap shines. It doesn’t just look like a 2D game, it looks like a freaking cartoon. The animations are extremely smooth and the environments and objects have a massive amount of detail. Since they decided for a more fluent animation style with detailed painted backgrounds, it now makes a lot more sense why the game took so long to develop.

Another cool feature that Hiveswap has is the unique dancing combat system. I’m not sure how it works, but the description that you will have to dance battle fight your enemies sounds pretty cool. The Official Homestuck YouTube channel released a gameplay teaser trailer for the first act of Hiveswap, take a look at the video that I linked below.

I’m a huge fan of animation and I grew up playing point-and-click adventure games; so for me, Hiveswap looks like a giant bundle of awesome that I would have a blast playing. To add to the totally awesomeness that is already in the game, Hiveswap will also feature music from Undertale’s music composer, Toby Fox. Hiveswap will officially launch on Steam for PC and Mac in January 2017.

If you would like to help support the game and get it onto Steam, head on over to the Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote.

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